Reporter | Commercial real estate

Nicole Norfleet covers the fast-paced retail scene including industry giants Target and Best Buy. She previously covered commercial real estate and professional services.

Norfleet joined the Star Tribune's business team in the winter of 2015 after working as the St. Paul public safety reporter and holding various other metro assignments. She is originally from the East Coast, but now calls the East Side of St. Paul home. Norfleet and her partner Liz have one tabby son named Max and enjoy craft beer, Korean dramas and camping with family. She is a proud graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Amid Twin Cities trauma, safe spaces sprout to help people heal

Here are places that people can seek solace.

Twin Cities business owners jolted, prepare again for unrest

Twin Cities business owners hurt during last summer's riots prepare again for unrest

Retailers urged to rethink police calls for low-level crimes

As the trial over George Floyd's death unfolds, many are hoping the case will prompt retailers to reassess how they treat Black and other minority customers.

Store clerk's testimony triggers talk of expectations for employees to stop theft

Trial observers took to social media to voice their sympathy for Cup Foods clerk, saying he shouldn't have been put in that situation.

Protesting teacher chains herself to courthouse fence during Chauvin trial

She teaches 10th grade English at Champlin Park High School.

Trauma relived as Derek Chauvin's trial unfolds before the world

The world took a front-row seat to the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on Monday.

Prayer service on eve of Derek Chauvin trial urges peace, unity and justice

Speakers at a prayer service on the eve of opening statements in the Derek Chauvin murder and manslaughter trial urged peace, unity and justice for…

'Navigators' aim to mediate between protesters, police during Derek Chauvin trial

Community groups focus on smoothing tensions in Minneapolis.

Dismissal of Black juror prompts debate over race, bias

Last week's dismissal from the Chauvin jury pool of a Black man who said Blacks don't receive equal treatment under the justice system is renewing questions over how race and bias are handled in Minnesota's justice system.

City's attempt to clear Mpls. homeless camp leads to scuffles between police, camp defenders

Videos surfaced on social media Thursday showing the confrontation.