Jennifer Brooks
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Beware the Minnesota Nice ones.

Congress and its correspondents gathered Wednesday night for the Washington Press Club Foundation's annual congressional dinner. These Beltway galas are an occasion to schmooze, booze and try your hand at political comedy.

The biggest laughs in the room, according to Politico's Playbook on Thursday morning, came from someone who wasn't even in the room.

Sen. Tina Smith, home with the flu, sent in a minute-long video that cast miles of Midwest shade toward a one-time political pal.

"I would feel terrible if I showed up and got everybody sick," Minnesota's junior senator said, per Politico. "The only way it would have worked is if everybody had agreed to get up and leave the room when I started talking. You know, kind of like a DEAN PHILLIPS rally."

Phillips, a Minnesota congressman and fellow DFLer, is running for president. Smith roasted him harder than the voters of New Hampshire — where he lost to President Joe Biden, who wasn't even on the ballot.

"Poor Dean," she reportedly said, "he took a real beating in New Hampshire, but he's staying on the ballot for South Carolina because you can't spell Dean Phillips with only one L."

Social media called to report a murder.

"Is this the Minnesota cooking I've heard so much about? I thought it was mostly tater-tot casseroles."

"Forget shade, that's a full-blown eclipse."

"Man this is a burn bad enough to turn a Minnesota winter into a Miami summer."