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Previously as a Star Tribune reporter, Brooks covered the State Capitol and the Minnesota congressional delegation in Washington.

Brooks: He made his corner of the world just a bit better

For 45 years, Andy Martin devoted his life to improving the lives of children in the Twin Cities.

History repeating: A cruel hoax Minnesota has seen before

The immigrants tricked into traveling to Martha's Vineyard echo the cruel "Reverse Freedom Ride" hoax of 1962 that lured Black families from the segregated South to Minnesota with false promises of jobs, housing and Christmas dinner with Hubert Humphrey

Brooks: A bipartisan love story in a divided America

A reminder that there are more things that bring Americans together than tear them apart

For some families, going back to school means going back to lunchroom debt

Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid surveyed school lunchroom policies now that the state has banned lunch shaming for students who owe money for their meals.

Brooks: Love is in the air at the Minnesota State Fair

An Arizona couple joined a long list of couples whose marriages got their start at summer's end.

Brooks: The Great Minnesota Get-Together gets great again

On the happy, sunny, crowded State Fairgrounds, Minnesotans remember what they like about this place

Brooks: Hate has crept out of shadows, but communities are pushing back

Racists have been stuffing hate mail into baggies weighted down with corn and hurling them at houses across the metro, like the world's worst game of cornhole.

Brooks: Adieu to 'I do' at the Mall of America

After 28 years and 8,000 marriages, the megamall's wedding chapel is closing its doors.

Brooks: Beloved Twin Cities businesses are making a comeback, thanks to you

Fans have donated to save a St. Paul diner and an independent Minneapolis bookstore.

Brooks: Going the distance at Hiawatha Golf Course in Minneapolis

At the Junior Bronze tournament, generations reflect on the historic public golf course's history, and its uncertain future.