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Previously as a Star Tribune reporter, Brooks covered the State Capitol and the Minnesota congressional delegation in Washington.

Brooks: Community welcomes formerly homeless home to south Minneapolis

Church members provide housewarming, heartwarming gifts for neighbors transitioning out of homelessness

Brooks: Minneapolis neighbors want to determine the Third Precinct's second act

The neighborhoods around the charred and abandoned police station want a say in what comes next.

Brooks: Minnesota crop artists may be able to put a little mustard on it

The Minnesota Crop Improvement Association is improving the state's crops and maybe its crop art.

Brooks: One Minnesotan's quest to stop food waste and help hungry neighbors

A St. Thomas student saw food going to waste and set out to do something about it.

Brooks: Land of 10,000 flags (and loons with laser eyes)

Minnesota offers 2,123 answers to the question: How hard can it be to design a new state flag?

Brooks: Sweet sorrow as a tight labor market hits Minnesota right in the caramel apple

Two family businesses, Abdallah Candies and Pine Tree Apple Orchard, adapt to an economy that keeps trying to upset the apple cart.

Brooks: Line of women in blaze orange highlights push to diversify sport

Eager to encourage new hunters, the Minnesota DNR rolls out the welcome mat.

Brooks: Election season pits Minnesota mom against TikTok attacks

As more Minnesotans get their election information from social media, opponents target not just the message, but the messenger.

Brooks: Minneapolis takes the first swing at the worst Kmart

Living the Minneapolis dream, current and former city officials take a ceremonial swing at the big box that blocks Nicollet.

Brooks: Bats are more than spooky Halloween decor at this weekend's Minnesota Bat Festival

The tooth, and nothing but the tooth, about the Minnesotans who help bats — including the ones in need of a good bat dentist.