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Previously as a Star Tribune reporter, Brooks covered the State Capitol and the Minnesota congressional delegation in Washington.

Brooks: In Crystal, a monument to a little boy lost

If a playground seems a strange place to remember a murdered child, imagine how much worse it would be to forget.

Researchers follow trail of sex trafficking to Minnesota massage program

Something seemed very wrong at the American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.There was a locked closet with student files the registrar could not access.There…

Brooks: A change of law, a change of heart, on the anniversary of Philando Castile's killing

The Minnesota Legislature changed the law to ban lunch shaming for good five years to the day after he died.

Brooks: Minnesota Historical Society looks to the future

In the worst days of 2020, MNHS was urging Minnesotans to be mindful of the history we're living through.

Brooks: The Women of West St. Paul give to the maxi

It was a protest that started with a creep who crept through the night in 2018 to dump a box of maxi pads on the doorstep of West St. Paul's first female mayor.

Brooks: Let Derek Chauvin's sentence be the start of the conversation

Sometimes there's no neutral ground. You stand with your neighbors or you stand against them.

Brooks: In Minneapolis, all roads lead away from Dight Avenue

Charles Fremont Dight lived in a tree and wrote fan letters to Adolf Hitler and founded the Minnesota Eugenics Society.Minneapolis named a street after him.It…

Brooks: Twin Cities Pride festival set to return after a long pandemic year

An event that usually requires six months of meticulous planning came together in a matter of weeks.

Brooks: Deona Knajdek fought so Minneapolis wouldn't look away from its pain

Deona Marie Knajdek took to the streets.Winston Smith Jr. was dead, gunned down by law enforcement on the same day city work crews plowed through…

Brooks: Metro Transit trains a new generation of bus drivers as commuters return to the commute

Experience has taught transit officials that their next bus driver could come from anywhere.