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Jennifer Brooks is a local columnist for the Star Tribune. She travels across Minnesota, writing thoughtful and surprising stories about residents and issues.

Previously as a Star Tribune reporter, Brooks covered the State Capitol and the Minnesota congressional delegation in Washington.

Brooks: After attack on mosque, Moorhead refused to let hate have the last word

Volunteers drive in from miles away to help the cleanup.

A second chance for veterans gets a second chance at the Legislature

Not every county has the resources to set up a veterans courts of its own. The Minnesota Legislature could change that.

Brooks: Art thief makes off with a piece of Grand Marais history

"Woman Hauling Sticks" was a crowd pleaser at the Johnson Heritage Post Art Gallery.

Brooks: We didn't learn from George Floyd

No justice, no peace, even when you prosecute police

Brooks: Eager salons 'ready to cut that COVID hair'

The personal services industry, which includes businesses like salons, spas and barber shops, lost more jobs to the pandemic than any other industry in the state.

Brooks: Hitting the road to get the vaccine

Getting an appointment is still a matter of good timing, good luck — or very good neighbors.

Brooks: Lil Nas X satanic panic disrupts Minnesota launch of children's book

Sheletta Brundidge tells how song inspired autistic son's journey to speech.

Brooks: The quest to get more Minnesotans to see themselves as doctors

There's something invaluable about finding one who's shared your experiences, who understands things about your life without needing to ask.

Brooks: He lost his job and his popular podcast, but not his sense of humor or hope

"The Hilarious World of Depression" host John Moe is back with a new podcast.

Brooks: A teen shares the story of her long wait for help

People talk about the stigma of mental illness, but it's really just discrimination: treating someone differently because their illness makes you uneasy.