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Previously as a Star Tribune reporter, Brooks covered the State Capitol and the Minnesota congressional delegation in Washington.

Brooks: Lake Street mall businesses held on for us. They're hoping we show up for them this season

Stores were gleaming on Black Friday, owners hoping to attract shoppers to their wares.

Brooks: After the Bataan Death March, a life of gratitude

A mother's letter to a son who survived overflows with thanksgiving, as does the memoir he later wrote.

Brooks: Twitter, Twitter burning bright

Live-tweeting the last days of Twitter. Or just another weird day on Twitter. With Twitter, it's hard to tell.

Brooks: A love note to the election workers

Running an election has never been harder — or more important.

Brooks: Affordable housing in Marcy-Holmes? Not in our backyards, neighbors say

Fraternity Row worries that affordable housing next door will bring down the neighborhood.

Brooks: Heal Mpls eatery nourishing the North Side

One of the newest restaurants in north Minneapolis is all about herbs, eats and love.

Brooks: Last year he yelled at the district. Now he wants to join its board.

The wannabe public servant called the district's leaders, including its Black superintendent, "Power-Monkeys"

Brooks: As prices rise, hunger reaches deep into affluent suburbs

The rising cost of everything is driving more families to food shelves than the COVID-19 pandemic ever did.

Brooks: Picking up the pieces at the Survivors of Sexual Violence Memorial

For the second time, a vandal has attacked a space set aside for grief and healing

Brooks: A birthday story for George Floyd

The little girl who witnessed George Floyd's murder shares a story of healing and resilience