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Previously as a Star Tribune reporter, Brooks covered the State Capitol and the Minnesota congressional delegation in Washington.

Brooks: Serving up cobbler and community in downtown Mpls.

Come for the cobbler, stay for community at Lutunji's Palate.

Brooks: Downtown Minneapolis isn't what it was — but that's OK

Planner and dreamers say "tremendous opportunities" could emerge after the latest pandemic.

Brooks: When the clocks sprang forward, the weary cows laid back down

Cows have just as much of a mental clock as we do, a dairy farmer said, so a time change "really messes with them."

Brooks: It was a nice ride while it lasted for Twin Cities ridesharing bikes

Nice Ride rolling away, but the memories linger

Brooks: St. Paul libraries, home of the brave readers

There, a community gathers to read about things that can be hard to talk about — like mental health.

Brooks: In the midst of winter, Minnesotans dream and plan for spring

This is garden show season.

Brooks shares Deputy Ali's American dream: Building trust by showing up for people

Raised in a community with little trust for law enforcement, a new Ramsey County deputy works to earn that trust.

Brooks: Sizing up Minnesota's place on the unbanned book list

Libraries are a treasure. Not everyone treasures them.

Brooks: These Minnesotans get shelter at a price too steep

This is life on $121 a month.

Brooks: The Dakotas are a drag

Lawmakers in both Dakotas are working hard to turn their states into that dreary town from the movie "Footloose."