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Newly arrived Minnesota United star Emanuel Reynoso has things to do before he joins his teammates on the field.

Reynoso on Monday underwent medical examinations, as all his teammates did back in early January when they reported for preseason training. He was set to meet with the club's sports-science group to evaluate his conditioning, and the club needed dialogue with Major League Soccer, too.

The league suspended him in February without pay for failing to fulfill a new contract signed last fall. The deal is intended to keep him in Minnesota and MLS until 2026.

A two-time MLS All-Star, Reynoso isn't expected to rejoin his teammates in time for Tuesday's U.S. Open Cup game against Philadelphia at Allianz Field.

"We're discussing with the league the next steps," Loons coach Adrian Heath said after Monday's training. "We'll have a better idea after the game tomorrow what the next two or three days and weeks will look like."

Reynoso, 27, hadn't yet met with Heath since his return. Heath did send a welcome-back text while the team was in Vancouver for Saturday's 3-2 loss.

Then there's the matter of what damage needs repairing with teammates from Reynoso's season-long holdout.

"We'll see," Heath said. "He's got a few hurdles and a few steps to take before you'll probably see him out here with the guys. … I look forward to seeing him, like most of us."

The club announced Saturday that Reynoso had arrived in Minnesota from his Argentina home after a season-long holdout that the team has only attributed to personal matters.

When asked what happened to get Reynoso back now after so long away, Heath said, "I think a bit of common sense prevailed."

Heath saw photographic evidence Saturday that Reynoso had returned.

"I'm delighted he's here," Heath said. "I want to get him back integrated into the group because as I've said all along, there's not a team in this league that is not better with having a really good Emanuel Reynoso, and we're the same. We need him in the team.

"... We've spent an awful lot of money bringing him here. We've done an awful lot to try and put pieces around him to make him the best version of himself. It might be a few weeks before we can do that, but the fact that he's here, we can get started now."

Heath and Loons veteran goalkeeper Clint Irwin acknowledged there's probably issues concerning Reynoso's absence that need attending.

"Look, everyone is going to have different feelings on that, whether it's players, fans, the club and all the feelings are valid, right?" Irwin said. "No one is going to have the same opinion on it as someone else. For me, I don't know him personally. I don't know what he's gone through."

Irwin signed as a free agent last winter.

"I've only played against him, and when I have played against him, he's putting it in the back of the net against me," Irwin said. "So if he can do that and help us, it will be great for the team. … We'll all have to work through whatever those feelings are.

"I'm confident. We have a mature team. We have good leadership. We've got people who understand you go through a lot in a season that people don't see in public, but privately guys deal with a lot. I think we have a lot of support and the right leadership to work through it."

The Loons have played 10 games — with a 3-4-3 record — in a 34-game regular season that ends in October.

"There are plenty of games left," Heath said, "and a lot to play for still."