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The NBA is trying a European-soccer-style in-season tournament for the first time this year. Here's what Timberwolves fans, and anyone else watching the league this year, need to know:

1. Already scheduled regular-season games will make up the first four "tournament" games for each team. These games take place in November.

2. The tournament structure is six groups of five teams.

3. A random draw selected teams after they were divided into "pots" based on last season's records.

4. The Wolves are in West Group C with Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Golden State and Sacramento.

5. The Wolves games that will count as tournament games are Nov. 10 at San Antonio, Nov. 14 at Golden State, Nov. 24 at home against Sacramento and Nov. 28 at home against Oklahoma City. Leaguewide, the first games tabbed as tournament games are Nov. 3.

6. Each group winner plus two wild-card teams will advance to an eight-team knockout tournament. Should the Wolves have a good record in their first four tournament games and advance to the knockout rounds, the Wolves would play in a quarterfinal game on Dec. 4 or 5.

7. For teams that don't make the final eight, the league will schedule two other regular-season games for them to play Dec. 6 and 8.

8. The semifinals (Dec. 7) and final (Dec. 9) of the tournament are taking place in Las Vegas.

9. All games count as regular-season games except the final.

10. There is prize money at stake. Each player on the winning team will receive $500,000. Players on the second-place team get $200,000 each.