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In CenterPoint pilot project, CO2 waste will be used for soap-making

A machine captures CO2 from the water heater and boiler.

Xcel shutting down nuke plant after fix to stop leak didn't work

Xcel said it will do a full analysis of why the leak occurred and said its other power sources should be able to cover the state's electricity needs while the Monticello plant is down.

Minnesota regulators approve 2.7% natural gas rate hike for Xcel

Xcel originally asked for an increase of more than 6%.

Xcel discovers new leak at Monticello plant, will power down for repairs

The company reported the new leak to be in the "hundreds of gallons" range. The original leak reported last week was about 400,000 gallons.

Minnesota's community solar garden program set for a revamp under proposed legislation

A new Senate bill would ditch the subscription model for most of the small solar arrays, making them operate more like the utility-scale projects.

Monticello leak of radioactive water was 6th worst of its kind

The well that first showed evidence of a tritium leak now shows levels about half the original amount, MPCA says

Xcel is cleaning up radioactive water spill at Monticello plant

Xcel and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency both said the 400,000-gallon spill posed no threat to drinking water or the nearby Mississippi River.

North Dakota oil and gas production rebounded in January

The nation's third-largest oil producing state has recovered slowly from pandemic disruptions.

Regulators approve $256M solar farm in southern Minnesota

County officials had objected because it would be located on more than 1,500 acres of prime farmland.

$115M Minnesota fund could help match federal grants for energy projects

The money would help utilities or governments when a matching fund is needed.