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Planned Minn. wind farm to be moved farther from Jeffers Petroglyphs site

Dakota bands and the Minnesota Historical Society have reached a settlement with an energy developer on the proximity of a wind farm to the Jeffers Petroglyphs.

As insurers retreat from oil projects, Enbridge says coverage will be harder to get

Enbridge tells regulators that while it has required coverage now for Line 3, the pipeline insurance market is tightening.

North Dakota oil output drops as state falls in national crude production rankings

North Dakota oil production fell 5 % in July and has been lackluster compared to the new No. 2 oil state: New Mexico.

DNR says Enbridge broke law, must pay over $3 million for construction mistake

The DNR says the company pierced an aquifer and endangered a unique wetland.

DNR takes fight against novel Line 3 lawsuit to federal appeals court

A U.S. District Court earlier rejected the DNR's attempt to stop the suit — which names wild rice as a defendant —from proceeding in tribal court.

PUC delays approval of Great River power line sale

The utility regulator wants more information from the buyer about how it would handle long-term decommissioning of the transmission line.

Minnesota appeals court affirms state water quality permit for Enbridge's Line 3

Pipeline opponents had challenged the MPCA's water and wetlands permit for construction of the 340-mile oil pipeline across northern Minnesota.

Connexus electricity co-op wants a new power deal with Great River Energy

Connexus, the state's largest retail electric co-op, wants to drop its full membership in Great River, citing high costs and a lack of flexibility

Next generation wind turbines in Minnesota could be 60 stories high

A new Xcel project in South Dakota shows how large turbines are getting. The new projects are raising issues of how tall is too tall.

About 2,000 people protest Line 3 pipeline at Minnesota Capitol

Demonstrators called on Gov. Tim Walz and President Joe Biden to halt construction on the oil pipeline.