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Most of Minnesota is at peak or near peak fall colors this week, though several locations across the northern part of the state are past peak.

Recent storms that swept through northern Minnesota have had significant impact on the fall colors, bringing down most of the remaining leaves and pushing the rest past peak quickly, according to the Department of Natural Resources' Fall Color Finder.

The dry conditions have also made for a rapid season of fall colors, officials note. In areas that have rain or high wind in the forecast, leaves are expected to shed trees quickly after changing color. The DNR is advising leaf watchers to get out and enjoy the fall colors soon.

What should we expect in the coming days/weeks?

Cool overnight temperatures in the 40s over the next few nights are expected to spur more leaf change in central and southern Minnesota. The two biggest factors that affect leaf color change are shorter daylight hours and low overnight temperatures, according to the DNR. Sunny, shorter days with cool nights are the conditions that spur more color change, said Sara Berhow, public relations supervisor for the DNR's Parks and Trails Division.

Where to catch best fall colors this weekend?

Trees such as poplars and aspens, which turn bright yellow, are at peak color in much of central and northern Minnesota, according to the DNR. Oak trees haven't peaked yet, aside from those in the state's far northern area, officials say.

Locations in the 50% to 75% peak category currently offer the most color variations since there will be a few more green trees in the mix, Berhow said.

St. Croix State Park, east of Hinckley

The leaves in Minnesota's largest state park are changing — the bright fall colors making for a nice contrast with the green trees along the rivers. Oaks, birch, and aspen are starting to change, while the leaves on maple and ash trees have turned and dropped, according to the DNR.

St. Croix State Park has one of the state parks system's five fire towers — strongly recommended for a view of fall colors from above the canopy. Tip: watch for eagles nesting by the river.

Wild River State Park, Chisago County

Maple trees have already turned red and orange in the southern part of the park. but the oaks haven't changed colors yet.

For an adventurous fall color hike, the DNR recommends trying the Highland Hills Trail loops in the southwest part of the park.

Interstate State Park, Taylors Falls

Interstate is offering a mix of bare and still-green trees among muted patches of pale yellows, oranges and browns, according to the DNR. The cooler temperatures this week are expected to kickstart the leaf color changes.

Tip: Strollers don't work well on most of the park's trails due to rocky terrain, according to the DNR.

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