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Left the house on a summer day with the windows wide open, only to see storm clouds rolling in? Like remote control apps to turn on your heat or your car, Marvin is introducing the same for windows, doors and skylights.

Warroad-based Marvin is adding to smart home products by bringing smart home technology to its range of products.

"By blending exacting design with cutting-edge technology, Marvin Connected Home is a first-of-its-kind solution setting a new standard for the industry and reaffirming Marvin's long-lasting commitment to innovation." said Chief Executive Paul Marvin in a news release.

In a competitive market for windows and doors, premium offerings can be a way to attract high-end consumers, the company said. The buzz around new products also can attract more price-sensitive consumers to the whole line of products.

There are some automated products in the window and door industry, including Iowa-based Pella and Bayport-based Andersen, but they are mostly automated and connected window blinds and locks. Some aftermarket options are available to add remote capabilities to some windows but are not integrated into the design of the window.

"I think we're at a really unique point in history right now," said Christine Marvin, chief marketing and experience officer at the family run company. "We have technology and we have more awareness of how air and light impact our sleep conditions and how we feel."

Marvin employees traveled the world and spent extensive time with thousands of architects, builders and homeowners to learn how people live with new technology in their home and develop the new line, she said.

The technology allows customers to connect the windows and doors to Amazon's Alexa or home automation systems like Crestron Home or Control4. If your home loses power, the windows and doors will still open and close. There also is an egress feature to open the windows fully and quickly in case of emergency.

The new Marvin Connected Home portfolio of windows, doors and skylights includes connected home technology for remote operations.
The new Marvin Connected Home portfolio of windows, doors and skylights includes connected home technology for remote operations.

The genesis of Marvin Connected Home was back in 2017 with the emergence of connected home technologies, Christine Marvin said.

Marvin officials believe the new connected home products will be an inspiration to architects and builders, allowing them to rethink where they can place functional windows that might have been out of reach before.

"I think this is the beginning of more to come," Christine Marvin said. "In the building industry, ... smarter automated products can just lift our life experience."