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What: The home base of Larissa Loden, jewelry maker and entrepreneur, where she and her team produce and distribute handmade necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

The back story: Loden, a New York native, sold handcrafted beadwork to a consignment store at the Mall of America while in college, and soon traveled to small art fairs and festivals across the state before jumping to wholesaling. She kept up her business while also teaching art for eight years, and went full time with her jewelry seven years ago. She now sells to vendors nationwide.

The details: Loden specializes in brass and plated metal pieces, ranging from chunky chains to delicate pendants and letter bracelets spelling out "Black Lives Matter" or "My Body My Choice." Shoppers can build their own pieces, too.

What you'll find: Affordable and customizable jewelry in brass, plated gold and plated silver; a small selection of greeting cards, wellness/beauty products and accessories.

What's not there: Clothing, makeup, allergenic materials like nickel (for the most part; be sure to check if you have a sensitivity).

Price range: Most jewelry items are $20-$90. Assembling a collection of "Build Your Own" charms ($12-$20) along with the base chain necklace ($84) or hoops ($28) leaves the upper limit to you. Lifestyle products are between $10-$35.

Where: 2032 Marshall Av., St. Paul,