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Jimmy Robinson merited induction into the Minnesota Sports Hall of Fame in 1972 based on his accomplishments in trap and skeet shooting. But he also warranted Hall of Fame honors because of his tireless activities in the preservation and improvement of game conditions through Ducks Unlimited and other channels.

Robinson, a native of Kent, Minn., developed his love for the outdoors as a youth on his grandfather's ranch in Manitoba. He moved to Minneapolis with the intention of becoming a dentist. But he became a newspaper and magazine writer and is known as one of the top outdoors writers of the 20th century.

He served as the skeet, trapshooting and waterfowl editor for Sports Afield magazine and he was the first outdoor editor of the Minneapolis Star. Over the years, he had radio shows for three Twin Cities radio stations. At the time of his death in 1986, he was still writing for Sports Afield and several other magazines and various newspapers.

As a writer, Robinson made a duck survey and hunting forecast for 43 consecutive years. He attended 52 Grand American trapshooting events and picked the All-America trapshooting team from 1927 until his death. The first world skeet championship was held in 1935 and Robinson picked an All-America skeet team every year until his death. Robinson wrote 14 books on shooting and hunting.

Robinson was also known as an exceptional shooter, especially for waterfowl and upland birds on every continent, and was one of the top figures in the Grand American Trap championships for nearly half a century.

In addition to the Minnesota Sports Hall of Fame, Robinson is a member of four other Halls of Fame — the Trapshooting Hall of Fame, the Fishing Hall of Fame, the Skeet Hall of Fame and the Waterfowl Hall of Fame. He was an honorary trustee of Ducks Unlimited.


Class: 1972.

Sport: Trap and skeet shooting.