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Minnesota Vixen lose women's football championship game to Boston 42-26

Running back Grace Cooper ran for four touchdowns, but it wasn't enough for the Vixen.

Minnesota Vixen look for a title and hope to change football

The long-running women's football team plays the biggest game in franchise history this weekend.

6 sports making Olympics debut; baseball, softball make return, too

The Summer Games will introduce six new competitions, including surfing, skateboarding and 3-on-3 basketball. Baseball and softball are back after a 13-year absence.

Nine years ago, Parise and Suter put state of hockey into state of ecstasy

With the news that the Wild bought out the remaining four years of its historic contracts with Zach Parise and Ryan Suter, it's worth remembering how monumental those deals were in 2012.

Ex-Minnehaha Academy standout Miller signs $2 million deal as he enters college

Hercy Miller, who will be a freshman for Tennessee State next season, has signed a four-year contract to endorse Web Apps America after NCAA rule change allows players to profit off name, image and likeness.

Taylor's sale of Wolves ownership stake to Lore, A-Rod can continue

District court judge Eric C. Tostrud dismissed a move for a preliminary injunction against the sale, which was brought by Timberwolves and Lynx minority owner Meyer Orbach.

Lawyers argue whether Taylor is actually selling Wolves, Lynx

U.S. District Court Judge Eric C. Tostrud heard competing arguments from Glen Taylor's legal team and that of minority owner Meyer Orbach, who has sued Taylor.

Wimbledon returns with wide-open women's field, dominant Djokovic

The tournament was canceled last year for the first time since World War II, but it's back and the British government will allow 21,000 spectators per day.

For the Wolves and Edwards, maybe losing Rookie of the Year isn't so bad

Anthony Edwards didn't win the NBA Rookie of the Year on Wednesday, losing to LaMelo Ball. He has tremendous company.

Wolves' Malik Beasley starts serving sentence in Wright County jail

Beasley pleaded guilty to threats of violence in December of last year. His sentence called for 120 days in the workhouse.