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Fans of "How Did This Get Made?," the long-running podcast that skewers film flops, already know that the show constantly pokes fun at "Drop Dead Fred." But they may not be aware that the 1991 bomb starring Phoebe Cates was shot in Minnesota.

So when the show's tour stopped in Minneapolis over the weekend, co-host Paul Scheer ducked out of his hotel room to pay a visit to the Lowry Hill neighborhood where part of the movie was shot.

He didn't even tell his podcast partners about the pilgrimage until the end of theshow Saturday at Pantages Theatre, showing off a selfie he shot earlier in the day in front of the house where the main characters lived.

Co-host June Diane Raphael, who is also Scheer's wife, told the sold-out audience that her husband skipped a Zoom call with their son who needed consoling after losing a soccer match.

"He told me he had gone for a walk," said Raphael, best known for her role in "Grace and Frankie."

Scheer seemed delighted with the secret visit, although he claimed that nobody answered the door when he rang the bell.

Co-host Jason Mantzoukas said it was time that someone placed a plaque on the house, commemorating its role in the movie. Many scenes were also shot at Paisley Park Studios.

Saturday's show, which was mostly dedicated to roasting the 2019 TV movie, "A Beauty & the Beast Christmas," opened with an animated short in which the three hosts debated the deeper meaning of "Fred," a comedy in which Cates' character can't shake off an imaginary childhood friend.

The film, which featured Carrie Fisher and Marsha Mason, has an 11 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.