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Gail Rosenblum is editor of the Inspired section. She's also an author, journalism instructor and public speaker who has worked for newspapers and magazines for nearly 40 years. 

Rosenblum has a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in journalism, and has received awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, the American Association of Feature and Sunday Editors, the Associated Press and Parenting Publications of America. She is the mother of three young adult children and the bonus mom of three others.

Twin Cities World Jubilee fair trade sale May 1 will honor partnerships with women across the globe

Fair trade partnerships have made a world of difference for women across the globe.

Inspired Newsletter Intro

Here's a not-so-happy gender reveal: The pandemic was brutal for working mothers. Women with children were the first to lose jobs in the service and…

Minneapolis consultant sees Living Room Conversations as a way to rebuild respectful discourse

Jessica Shryack has pulled about 1,000 people out of their bubbles as a local facilitator for the national nonprofit.

In retirement, Minneapolis man takes on stubborn foe: Buckthorn

For 27 years, Jim Nicholas of Minneapolis was a data analyst with the Minnesota Hospital Association.

Psychiatrist Dr. Dionne Hart speaks out about huge gaps in mental health services among communities of color

The latest chapter in Inspired's Race and Equity series explores mental health disparities.

Minneapolis Step Up program gets COVID creative to keep offering youth internship opportunities

Heidi Sundquist, who has developed Step Up internships with her employer, Accenture, shares more about this summer's ambitious goals.

U therapist offers advice for how to be our better selves while waiting for COVID-19 vaccine

William J. Doherty has seen pretty much everything in his more than four decades as a therapist. He's helped to heal marriages on the brink…

New lung cancer screening guidelines means potentially millions more lives can be saved

Pain has piled up in this long pandemic year, not just in deaths but in growing mental health concerns and alcohol consumption. Another public health…

Minneapolis writer-turned-caregiver writes the meditative book she wished she'd had

Patricia Hoolihan was one of several caregivers for her grandchildren during the pandemic.

Creativity and fun helped Minneapolis financial services company succeed during COVID-19

Nobody would describe the past year as fun and games, but that doesn't mean levity is out the window. With workers experiencing Zoom fatigue and…