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Rosenblum has a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in journalism, and has received awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, the American Association of Feature and Sunday Editors, the Associated Press and Parenting Publications of America. She is the mother of three young adult children and the bonus mom of three others.

Author-coach encourages us to broaden our definition of happiness

Founder of the Society of Happy People believes that all of us can create habits to feel better more often.

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"Old friends, old friends ... Sat on their park bench like ...?"If you correctly answered "bookends," you are likely of a certain vintage (mine) and…

Who Inspires You: How to nominate

Tell us who makes a difference in your life. We might feature them in an upcoming Inspired section.

Who inspires you? Minnesotans share tales of kindness

A doctor whose kindness was acknowledged after 40 years, a couple who clean up for good, and the mobilizer of self-care kits for shelters are featured in our monthly reader-driven feature.

Minnesota's PaintCare program makes recycling of unused paint painless

Our state is one of just 10 nationwide which offers more than 250 drop-off sites for proper disposal to keep paint out of landfills.

Minneapolis' oldest co-op celebrates 50 years — and one member who's been there almost as long

Now retired as a manager at Seward Community Co-op, Leo Sanders remains a loyal customer.

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Tell us who brightens your day or lightens your load

In an era of information overload, Excelsior 'intuitive artist' says to trust our gut

Former radio personality Liv Lane has made it her life's work to get us to trust our intuition.

Who Inspires You

This month, we honor a special mom to an accomplished Scout, a lifelong-learning grandpa and a fearless friend.

Hands-on help for Ukrainian kids

Northfield fifth-graders have raised nearly $5,000 for Alight's Ukrainian relief mission with their artistic creations sold at the local farmers market.