Fact Frenzy: How well do you know your Minnesota sports?

This round of Fact Frenzy, we challenge how well you know your Minnesota sports teams. Bring your A game, champ.

Fact Frenzy: How well do you know your Minnesota sports?

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Shari L. Gross
Video (03:06) Episode 3 of Fact Frenzy: Time to test your local sports trivia knowledge.

This contest has ended, but you can still play along by watching the video above and checking your answers below.

Fact Frenzy, Minnesota Sports Edition

1. How many times have the Minnesota Lynx won the WNBA title?





2. Which pro team now based in another state does NOT have its roots in Minnesota?

Dallas Stars

Los Angeles Lakers

St. Louis Cardinals (CORRECT)

Georgia Swarm

3. What term became popular after a 1975 Vikings playoff loss to the Dallas Cowboys?


Hail Mary (CORRECT)

Shotgun formation


4. What does Minnesota have more of, per capita, than any other state in the country?

Ice skaters


Golfers (CORRECT)

Baseball players

5. Which Minnesota city is noted for legendary athletes who grew up there, such as Jack Morris, Paul Molitor and Dave Winfield?


St. Paul (CORRECT)



6. When was the last time the Minnesota Twins won the World Series?

1991 (CORRECT)