Fact Frenzy: How well do you know your Minnesota history?

Pop quiz! Do you know your state history? We'll be judge of that.

Fact Frenzy: How well do you know your Minnesota history?

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Shari L. Gross
Video (03:09) Episode 6: Take a trip back in time with this state history quiz.

This contest has ended, but you can still play along by watching the video above and checking your answers below.

Fact Frenzy, Minnesota History Edition

1. Which Minnesota politician ran for president the greatest number of times?
Hubert Humphrey
Walter Mondale
Eugene McCarthy
Harold Stassen (CORRECT)

2. Who was the first Hmong American elected to a state legislature?
Fue Lee
Samantha Vang
Foung Hawj
Mee Moua (CORRECT)

3. The Minnesota Historical Society traces the state's Gopher State nickname back to this?
Political cartoon (CORRECT)
Gov. Alexander Ramsey's fascination with the rodent
An 1859 infestation that destroyed thousands of acres of crops

4. What does Bde Maka Ska mean in the Dakota language?
White Earth Lake (CORRECT)
Great Lake
Still Water Lake
Thousand Lakes

5. For what purpose was the Stone Arch Bridge originally built?
Pedestrian traffic
Railroad bridge (CORRECT)
To transport cattle
For sightseeing/tourism

6. Black inventor and Minnesotan Frederick McKinley Jones is best known for creating what technology?
The refrigerated truck (CORRECT)
The food processor
The crop duster
The grain elevator