Fact Frenzy: How well do you know your Minnesota landmarks?

Welcome to Fact Frenzy! This round of Minnesota trivia is all about our prized state landmarks. (We promise there's only one question about a lake.)

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This contest has ended, but you can still play along by watching the video above and checking your answers below.
Fact Frenzy, Minnesota Landmarks Edition

1. The highest waterfall in Minnesota is actually partially located in Canada. In which Minnesota state park will you find it?

Grand Portage State Park (CORRECT)

Jay Cooke State Park

Itasca State Park

Gooseberry Falls State Park

2. What is Minnesota's tallest building?

Capella Tower


KSTP radio tower

Wells Fargo Center

3. How long is the stretch of Mississippi River in Minnesota?

848 miles

1,025 miles

681 miles (CORRECT)

2,350 miles

4. What historic landmark was finally listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2017, 15 years after dozens of townhouses were nearly built on the site?

Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary

Pilot Knob (CORRECT)

Indian Mounds Regional Park

Historic Fort Snelling

5. Lake Superior's original Ojibwe name "gitche gumee" was immortalized in what Longfellow poem?

The Lake of Gitche Gumee

The Song of Hiawatha (CORRECT)


The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls

6. John Philip Sousa wrote a march about which Minnesota building?

Metropolitan Building

Foshay Tower (CORRECT)

State Capitol

Landmark Center