Fact Frenzy: How well do you know the Minnesota State Fair?

The Minnesota State Fair may be canceled, but it lives on in our hearts ...and in this round of Fact Frenzy! How deep is your state fair love?

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This contest has ended, but you can still play along by watching the video above and checking your answers below.

Fact Frenzy, Minnesota State Fair Edition

1. In what year was the first State Fair held?
1859 (CORRECT)

2. Where was the first State Fair held?
Minneapolis (CORRECT)
St. Paul
Falcon Heights

3. What is NOT one of the reasons the fair has been canceled in the past?
Civil War
Smallpox epidemic (CORRECT)
U.S.-Dakota War
Scheduling conflict with Chicago World's Fair

4. Which of these State Fair food vendors has been around the longest?
Tom Thumb Donuts
Dairy Goodness Bar
The Corn Roast
Hamline Church Dining Hall (CORRECT)

5. The likeness of Princess Kay of the Milky Way is carved out of a block of butter that weighs roughly how much?
120 lbs
40 lbs
60 lbs
90 lbs (CORRECT)

6. Who broke the all-time record for the most tickets sold to a single Grandstand show?
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Christina Aguilera (CORRECT)
Taylor Swift