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It's been a year since a historic snow dump and intense winds led to the collapse of a 2,000-pound bald eagle's nest in St. Paul, tragically killing an eaglet whose life journey was watched across the country via a Department of Natural Resources livestream.

But the two birds that starred on the EagleCam maintained by the agency's Nongame Wildlife Program have since rebounded and are "rearing at least one newly hatched chick" after building a new nest nearby.

"We wish them every success in their nesting efforts this season," agency officials said on social media.

The Nongame Wildlife Program also shared a faraway photo of the eagles from their new perch, adding that they're working to find a different nest to feature on the EagleCam. Officials did not provide a timeline for that project.

The eagles that inhabited the decimated nest had called it home for about four years when it fell, DNR officials told the Star Tribune in October. The agency began broadcasting the original owners of the perch in 2013. Within a year, it was regularly drawing more than 150,000 viewers per day from around the world.

The nest again drew intense interest during 2023′s monumentally snowy winter. DNR officials released timelapse footage of the female eagle warming her eggs without flinching as flakes accumulated on and around her. Agency officials estimate there are more than 60 eagle nests in the Twin Cities area.