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Why are Democratic Socialists winning DFL endorsements?

The DSA isn't a political party, but its far-left pull is growing within the Minneapolis DFL.

Mayor Frey can't veto Thursday's rent control move by Minneapolis City Council after all

City attorney clarifies that Frey can veto a rent control policy, just not a council request to draft it.

Minneapolis City Council approves 2040 Comprehensive Plan zoning changes

Sweeping changes will take effect in July, though a legal challenge looms.

Minneapolis City Council moves ahead on rent control — and Mayor Jacob Frey says he'll veto it

The 7-5 council vote was a victory for backers of strict rent control, but much remains to be done before such a policy is enacted.

Andrea Jenkins loses DFL nod for Minneapolis City Council

All 13 City Council seats will be on the ballot in November.

DFL leaders approve rule changes after convention chaos in Minneapolis

Party moves to ban City Council candidate Nasri Warsame from ever seeking DFL endorsement

New accusations fly over weekend Minneapolis DFL convention chaos

Campaign manager accused Council Member Jeremiah Ellison of punching him; Ellison said it's a lie.

What prompted chaos at the Minneapolis 10th Ward DFL convention?

City DFL leader accuses member of Nasri Warsame's campaign of "intentionally misleading" supporters about the process.

He's Minneapolis' new health commissioner. Here's what he wants to get done.

Substance abuse, homelessness and racial equity top the agenda of Damōn Chaplin

Minneapolis Public Housing Agency wants to bring back tax it dropped 14 years ago

The plan for a $12 million annual levy would require signoff by mayor, City Council and tax board.