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Here's what's at stake in the Minneapolis City Council elections

Sidewalk shoveling, policing and even Mayor Frey's standing are all in play in 13 ward races.

Why rent control is not on Minneapolis ballots

A contentious June vote during a Muslim holiday killed any chance of the issue going to voters — this year.

Minneapolis council casts aside downtown Third Precinct plan in favor of 'other options'

Tuesday's nonaction came a day after Mayor Jacob Frey's demand for action on a new police station.

Frey to council: Pick a Third Precinct location or let me do it

In a letter, Mayor Jacob Frey wrote: "The community needs you to make a decision." The council could take up the issue as soon as Tuesday.

Minneapolis police reform costs: Millions of dollars, dozens of new hires

The City Council is considering a budget proposing $7.6 million to hire 34 people across four departments. Here's a peek.

Hennepin Chief Judge Barnette is Frey's pick for Minneapolis community safety commissioner

Barnette, a longtime judge who previously served as a public defender, must be confirmed by the City Council.

After protest, Stillwater prison inmates get bottled water; more testing is ordered

The source of the murky well water is being sought.

Vikings fandom on display at season opener in Minneapolis

Optimistic supporters converged on U.S. Bank Stadium Sunday to watch Minnesota take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Reversal? Mpls. City Council suddenly hits brakes on Third Precinct plan

Despite the council's OK of a new precinct location Tuesday, confusion surfaced two days later over costs and the idea that cops could be moved there for 10 years.

Effort to override Frey's veto of ridesharing pay hike fails

The Minneapolis City Council had attempted to require higher pay for drivers for services such as Uber and Lyft.