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The Inside the NBA studio show is a fun view because the panelists say what they really think. But it may not have been fun for Wolves fans when basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley went off on the Timberwolves after their Game 3 collapse against the Grizzlies.

All it took was for studio host Ernie Johnson to open the postgame show following Minnesota's 104-95 loss by asking: "Do you believe what you just saw, folks?"

Then Barkley took over, citing everything from his grandson asking why coach Chris Finch didn't call time out earlier in the fourth quarter to the parenting skills of the Wolves players.

"This has got to be one of the dumbest teams," Barkley said. "All that talent and they're dumb as rocks."

We're not going to give out all the hot lines here, lest you don't watch the video, which will help you understand Barkley's conclusion: "One thing I can't stand is stupidity on the basketball court."

It wasn't the first time Barkley has gone off on the Wolves during the playoffs. Four years ago, after a 2018 playoff loss to Houston in which the offense pretty much ignored Karl-Anthony Towns, Johnson asked: "How can Karl-Anthony Towns take only nine shots?"

Barkley: "Because they're dummies out there and the dummies out there won't pass him the ball. ... You're going to ruin the NBA with everyone out there jacking up threes and nobody passing the ball to the big man anymore.

Have a listen: