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Usually a homecoming show to wrap up a busy year of touring, the Cactus Blossoms post-Thanksgiving gig last weekend at First Avenue was more about looking ahead to next year: The harmonious sibling duo dropped in a half-dozen stylish, twang-grooving songs in the show from a new album they just announced today, titled "One Day."

The third studio LP in their decade-plus career is due to arrive Feb. 11. They recorded it with Alex Hall, the same studio engineer as their golden 2019 album, "Easy Way" — except instead of trekking to Chicago to record at his studio, the duo and their familial band stuck close to home this time, for obvious reasons. They had Hall helm a mobile unit up to Minneapolis to record in Burkum's basement.

"We'd been working on it over the winter and summer," Burkum told the First Ave crowd after churning "Hey Baby," a hopeful ditty that was posted online today along with pre-order info for the record. Spoiler alert: Another of the new LP tracks, "Everybody," features their old tourmate Jenny Lewis on guest vocals.

Local fans will have plenty more chances to hear the new tunes before the record arrives, since the Cactus Blossoms are once again settling in for a residency series at the Turf Club every Monday in January (announced from the stage at First Ave). Charlie Parr has also announced his usual Sunday night residency at the Turf in January.

For many of us, those residencies were some of the last live gigs we enjoyed in early 2020 before quarantine set in; let's hope there's not any kind of similar scenario this year.