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Raised in Fargo and educated at the University of Montana, Johnson worked at newspapers in Idaho, Washington and Duluth before joining the Star Tribune at its relaunched Duluth bureau in 2019. He lives in the Twin Cities with his wife and their young son and is looking for new streams to fly-fish.

What the heck is potassium sorbate? Demystifying common 'chemical sounding' food ingredients

For those aspiring to eat mainly "clean ingredients," a little chemistry knowledge is often useful for deciphering packaged food labels.

General Mills sells chip brand Food Should Taste Good

The Minnesota food maker owned the brand for a decade before quietly selling it to a New Jersey-based snack company this month.

For a moment, organic, cage-free and other specialty eggs beat conventional prices

It may still be happening, depending on where you shop.

3M to cut 2,500 global manufacturing jobs

A sales slowdown is expected as demand for respirator masks drops to pre-pandemic levels this year.

Egg costs peck away at budgets for consumers and businesses

While egg prices may have peaked, they likely won't fall quickly. Minnesota businesses that go through hundreds or thousands of eggs per week are still feeling the pain.

What is price gouging? Minnesota legislators search for a definition

A bill would define what constitutes "unconscionably excessive prices," who could take action and when.

8 takeaways from Minnesota Democrats' marijuana legalization bill

The hefty bill covers a lot of ground but faces multiple hurdles and potential revisions before it can become law.

Frozen pizza is a very Minnesota business. Can a newcomer disrupt the heavyweights?

Edina's Clo-Clo Vegan Foods is carving out a niche in the freezer aisle.

General Mills playing catch-up with Blue Buffalo pet food

General Mills says its pet food sales will soon be back to growth.

With front-row view of the Iron Range economy, retiring Mark Phillips 'very optimistic'

Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Commissioner Mark Phillips answers questions about his eight years trying to help the economy in northeast Minnesota.