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One my pet peeves about Minnesota media is that there are so many in our ranks who will ask the soft, easy, question in an attempt to either ingratiate themselves to a coach or player, or because they're simply afraid to ask anything pointed.

So I applaud Cheryl Reeve. When the Lynx coach was asked soft questions about her team's gutty comeback in a Game 1 loss in the WNBA Finals, she didn't take the easy way out. She didn't praise her players. She pointed out that if they hadn't played like they were lost in the first quarter, they actually could have won the game.

Reeve called the moral victory, good-try attitude ``Loserville."

And she's right.

She was also right when she said that it is a professional athlete's job to compete, that they shouldn't be rewarded or congratulated for making an effort during a comeback.

Again, she nailed it.

Minnesota needs more sports thinkers of her ilk.

Now, as a coach, she has to do a better job of getting her team to play well early in Game 2. Kent Youngblood and I are at The Barn tonight and will have coverage on and in the morning paper.

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