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We will tell any grandkids (who want to listen) about the Weird Winter of '23-24. On track for the warmest on record (since 1871) for MSP and most of Minnesota. 12 days of 50-degree warmth since December 1. A winter's worth of rain around the holidays (which has taken the edge off of drought in spite of skimpy snows).

Senior Minnesota Climatologis, Kenny Blumenfeld reports unusually high humidity to go with the warmth. Daily high dew point records have been tied or broken 8 days and counting. "Weird enough for 'ya?" Dr. Blumenfeld added via email. Um, yes.

Cold air is retreating north, and mid-30s will feel good Sunday with blue sky and less wind. I see a string of 40s this week, maybe a few upper 40s the last week of February. No snow in sight, but weather models bring rain into town a week from tomorrow. If you like to slip, slide or sled in the snow, get out there, because another premature taste of late March is brewing.

Snowy payback in March or April? Possibly - but I wouldn't take that bet.