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High water on the Cannon River is hiding branches and downed trees that could entangle kayakers and canoeists, Rice County Sheriff Jesse Thomas warned Sunday.

Underwater branches and downed trees were part of the reason nine people had to be rescued after two canoes and a kayak capsized Saturday on the Cannon River.

Three adults and six children were paddling from Two Rivers Park in Faribault toward Northfield when their boats hit trees underwater, according to the Rice County Sheriff's Office. Two canoes tipped, dumping two adults and two children into the water. Another child fell into the river from a kayak while trying to help the people in the water.

Deputies found the paddlers hanging onto tree branches in the fast-moving water and fished them out. No one was hurt.

Thomas warned that downed trees have been in the Cannon River since tornadoes tore through the area in 2018, and they are not always visible from the surface.