Midwest Traveler: Searching for Czech heritage in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Get a Czech kolache at Sykora Bakery, founded in 1903.

A mother and her children discover the true taste of goulash in Cedar Rapids.

'So where are you from?' Traveling Minnesotans really get around

You never know where you’ll meet another Minnesotan. It might be at a hostel such as the Freehand in Miami Beach.

I'm not from here originally, but I receive reminders of just how traveled my new neighbors are on just about every trip I take.

At Temperance River, Lake Superior shines

THE Traveler: Liz Pushing of Minneapolis. The scene: The sun, softened by a morning haze, shimmers off Lake Superior in November at Temperance…

United Airlines: Customers 'welcome' to wear leggings

United Airlines says regular-paying flyers are welcome to wear leggings aboard its flights, even though two teenage girls were barred by a gate agent from boarding a flight from Denver to Minneapolis because of their attire.

United barred girls in leggings from boarding flight to MSP, witness says

United said teens didn't meet dress code for those traveling on relatives-of-employees standby passes.

Cherry Blossom Festival hotel deals in D.C.; Iceland mulls tourism taxes

Cherry blossom deals in D.C. The National Cherry Blossom Festival runs through April 16 in Washington, D.C., and numerous hotels have themed packages. The Embassy…

New Zealand overwhelmed by tourism

The island nation expects almost as many tourists as inhabitants by 2022.

What happened to one traveler who lost his passport and how he got out of trouble

Keep your cool, contact your embassy, and next time, don't take your passport for granted.

Q&A: Tips from a maven of Israeli cuisine

Cooks in Israel embrace local ingredients and myriad cultures.

Million-dollar views remain at Flathead Lake in Montana

The family ties, the vistas and the colorful stones of Montana's Flathead remain a draw.

German immigrant culture in Iowa's Amana Colonies

Spread out in a loop across the fertile east central Iowa countryside, the seven villages that make up the Amana Colonies were laid out in…

Travel Troubleshooter: American Airlines reneges on refund after brother-in-law dies

Here's what hurts about American's broken promise: It happened at precisely the time when you needed a little compassion.

Delta expanding service connecting Rochester and Atlanta

Delta service in both directions starts July 9.

How to make the most of your credit card points

Rewards points from these Chase, American Express or Citi cards could start replacing your miles.

'Clothing optional' at a hotel California

All I wanted was to see some giant redwoods. Unfortunately, it was raining — hard — across Northern California.

Notre Dame isn't the only sight to see in South Bend, Ind.

Indiana's home of Notre Dame goes beyond the university's sports culture.

Chicago theaters cultivate nightlife offstage

Second City, Steppenwolf and other theaters in Chicago extend the experience with restaurants and bars.

Stroll through history in Dominican Republic's underappreciated capital

Santo Domingo's Zona Colonial bustles with cobblestone streets, gracious plazas and ancient buildings.

Travel Troubleshooter: Fog leads to flight delay, which leads to some horrible customer service

Q: My daughter and I were booked on an Aer Lingus flight from Paris to San Francisco via Dublin last year. Our flight from Paris…