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Well, this is awful news.

Heirloom, chef/owner Wyatt Evans' three-star platform for forward-thinking farm-to-table cooking, closed after Tuesday evening's dinner.

"It beaks my heart to announce that today, July 31st, will be our last service at Heirloom," Evans wrote on the restaurant's Facebook page Tuesday. "I had a dream of opening a restaurant that put hospitality first by celebrating the genuine connections between people, food and the overall guest experience. I truly feel that we accomplished that here. Please stop by if you will, for a chat or a hug (may want to BYOB). I wish to celebrate the great memories tonight and not dwell on all the mistakes I have made. This neighborhood has been my second home for the past two and half years, and we have shared some great times, I only wish it could continue. Thanks to everyone who has helped make Heirloom what it is, even if it's just for one more night. I think Melville said, 'It is better to fail at innovation than to succeed at imitation.' I really hope that's true."

Evans, a real talent (that's him, pictured, above, in a Star Tribune file photo), spent six years in the kitchen at W.A. Frost & Co. before setting out on his own, transforming a storefront at Marshall and Cretin avenues into his cozy neighborhood restaurant. It will be missed.