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A sequel to a Minneapolis favorite will open Monday in St. Paul.

Parlour St. Paul (267 W. 7th St.,St. Paul), a cocktail bar and restaurant with a diner bent will debut a new menu and a distinct vibe from the original. We got a sneak peek at the space, the food and the drinks on Thursday.

The large, exposed brick-laden space has three distinct areas: the bar, the diner and another small room that will eventually be filled with neons and boast pull tabs.

Like the mainstay across the river, the new Parlour will have a cocktail focus, with a long wooden counter and classic back bar, as well as bar-style eats. Drinks hover mostly in the "classic" territory, including a Queen's Park Swizzle and of course, an Old Fashioned.

The famous burger, regularly hailed as one of the Twin Cities' best, makes the move – but now, patrons will also be invited to upgrade the ribeye, chuck and brisket double patties with a fried egg and bacon.

In that vein of thought, the new Parlour menu will be substantially larger than its Minneapolis sister. A second bar acts as diner counter and a window into the kitchen's grill line.

Small plates range from a foie gras terrine and a chili-honey cauliflower dish, to mac n' cheese and chicken dumplings. Joining the burger on a modest "sandwich" section is a chili dog, plus chicken and brisket handhelds.

There's also a notable breakfast component, including hash and scrambled eggs with king crab. The chilaquiles also were curiously under "eggs" section but came without any egg.

And don't forget dessert: There's a sundae bar (though only two toppings are allowed) alongside boozy malts. The new Parlour opens at 10 a.m. on Monday.

(Photos by Amelia Rayno; burger photo by Rick Nelson)