Protecting protesters in the wake of Minneapolis shootings

Jamar Clark's family provides best advice on Fourth Precinct camp.

Sack cartoon: Donald Trump's staying power


Presidential rhetoric in times of crisis

John Rash

Obama's words carry particular weight when it comes to crises in the Mideast and Europe as well as the diplomatic “pivot” to Asia.

Leaders can learn much from looking beyond their horizon

Lori Sturdevant

A series of exchanges between officials of Minnesota and Germany showed as much — but it's ending.

Readers Write (Nov. 25): Shooting at Black Lives Matter protest, video from scene of Jamar Clark shooting, the ethics of assisted-suicide

Shootings at Black Lives Matter protest: If this was not terrorism, what is?

Counterpoint: What if 1940s Londoners had to accept German refugees?

Cartoon's message underestimates terror threat of Syrians who flee.

Counterpoint: When it comes to suicide, respect an individual's choice

In a culture of compassion, we recognize that “no one gets out of here alive” and ask what's best for the ones we love.

Should we erase or learn from our racist past?

It's hard to know when names of historical figures should be removed.

Iron Range jobless need the kind of help legislative special session offers

An unemployment benefits extension fits the bill as a pressing issue.

'Redistribution of wealth'? I call that 'sharing'

This Thanksgiving, let's sit down to the table and remember what community is all about.

Time for denial is over. Donald Trump is shattering the GOP

Can economic, foreign policy and religious conservatives share a party with repugnant nativism?

Sack cartoon: Contrasting responses to threats


Counterpoint: Echoes from Birmingham jail

Call to be “measured” toward Minneapolis discord has a striking parallel.

Suicide — physician-assisted or not — can be contagious

When the media make heroes out of those who end their lives, it adds to a public health crisis.

Readers Write (Nov. 24): Terrorism, response to Minneapolis police shooting, technology and privacy

Belgium’s lesson on terrorism must be ours, too. As I read about and watch the situation developing in Belgium, it comes as no surprise to…

Freedom of speech extends to free advice on pets

Weightier issues aside, the Supreme Court should clarify the rules around regulating occupational speech.

A worthy effort to reduce violent crime: Target repeat gun offenders

Strong sentences should be part of anti-violence strategy.

Seventy years later: Was an injustice done at Nuremberg -- to the Nazis?

The charges weren’t actually about the Holocaust. Few shed tears for the monsters condemned. Still, was victors’ justice legally legitimate?

Troubling symptoms for Obamacare

UnitedHealth’s ills with its exchange policies don’t bode well for the market.