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Minnesota Senate's police body-cam bill hinders public access

Lawmakers need to strike a better balance between privacy, transparency.

Sack cartoon: Opioids

Rash Report: Progress is possible on press freedom and journalist safety

John Rash

World Press Freedom Day, arrest in Daniel Pearl case and push for U.N. action amid a bleak era.

Minnesota's drunken-driving law could escape on a technicality

D.J. Tice

In Scalia's absence, court may deadlock on suspects' rights.

Readers Write (May 6): Donald Trump, guns and public safety, Prince and addiction, Prince and generosity

Voters, will you have the courage to elect the candidate you sought?

Counterpoint: Gee, did you have to slam South Dakota — again?

Minnesotans, stop looking down your noses. You might even want to live here.

Norm Coleman: Dayton pulls an 'Obama' in denying mineral leases

His unilateral decision on Twin Metals project skirts due process.

Neediest families in Minnesota are overdue for a boost

Political neglect is hurting the Minnesota Family Investment Program.

For transgender people like me, Target's bathroom policy offers hope

The company's brave stand on its restroom policy is affirming and heartwarming.

How 'dialing for dollars' has perverted Congress

Our elected representatives can't govern if they are acting part-time as telemarketers. It's time to put the phone down — and lead.

2016 campaign: Oh, for the good ol' days of decent, serious politics

This cycle, both the right and the left seem to long for a nostalgic, 1950s-era version of American unity. But instead of looking back, we need to look ahead to middle ground.

Sack cartoon: Donald Trump, presumptive nominee

The same old suspects fight attempts to control high cost of prescription drugs

Doctors, pharmaceutical companies are bucking reasonable reforms.

The Hillary vs. The Donald: What difference, at this point, does it make?

One of them will be president. Maybe we deserve it.

Readers Write (May 5): Donald Trump, transgender accommodations and boycotts, Jamar Clark case

We don't hate Trump voters; we're just perplexed.

There's room for legislative compromise on Northstar to St. Cloud

It's worth trying a short-term experiment rather than a $43 million plan.

Trump at apogee: Beating Clinton won't be so easy.

Even when unified, the GOP has struggled in presidential races for a quarter century.

School discipline: Chart a path toward 'a world that is not yet'

Minnesota recently voted down a dangerous "expulsion bill" that would have discriminated against students of color like me. Here's why it matters to the rest of the country — and what legislators should vote for instead.

Universal basic income should be the next big thing

It's more than a policy wonk's fantasy — and it should hold appeal across ideologies.