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Civility takes a hit as protesters cry foul

Some supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders took to screaming at the Nevada State Democratic Party’s 2016 state convention in Las Vegas on May 14.

From presidential race to Minneapolis, the noise drowns out democracy.

Sack cartoon: The Clinton e-mails

Rash Report: How propaganda propped up China's Cultural Revolution

John Rash

Posters from a chaotic era depict China's descent into political, cultural calamity.

A political party crack-up? Change is a constant in politics, too

D.J. Tice

The rugs on which political parties stand have been pulled repeatedly throughout American history.

Readers Write (May 27): Subsidized housing for artists, University of Minnesota, Hillary Clinton

Subsidized housing for artists: The discussion continues.

Student voices are to be heard, not ignored

The media would have you believe that the St. Paul schools are a war zone. The trouble with that is, no one asked us — and we care.

A legislative no-brainer: Pass state funds to finish project for the homeless

Governing is hard work, but providing money for the new Dorothy Day Center should be easy.

Secretary Jewell put the Department of the Interior on the right track

New agency chief will need the same commitment to the Bureau of Indian Education.

Hillary may be better than Trump...but may still belong in jail

It's official now. Clinton's email antics were no honest mistake.

Clinton's e-mail mess keeps getting worse

New audit reveals that she failed to cooperate with inspector general.

Can we please just stop playing the 'man card'?

And forget the bogus excuses for why it's just Clinton you dislike.

The obvious presidential alternative is, ahem, Mitt Romney

The 2012 standard-bearer is a plausible, qualified grown-up, as well as a decent human being. Surely, he could turn this thing around.

Sack cartoon: Trump's slogan

Mpls. school board has a sales job to do on outsider pick

New superintendent must help rebuild public trust in the district.

Readers Write (May 26): Minneapolis superintendent selection, Hillary Clinton's e-mail, health care costs, airport security, Donald Trump's VP options, life's persistent questions

The Minneapolis Public Schools: This superintendent because … ?

Here's the win-win solution to Southwest light rail

In order to get the state bonding bill back on track this year, start by scrapping the route's embattled Kenilworth corridor and tunnel.

Dayton should veto flawed body-cam bill

Revisions improved it, but bill still overly restricts public access.

Sack cartoon: The TSA

Readers Write (May 25): Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges, the 2016 Legislature, airport security, Trump on climate change

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges: Of style and substance.