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A farewell to skyways: The case for bringing them down

There’s a move afoot to consider whether the skyways in Minneapolis are part of the city’s problems, rather than a solution for vibrance and economic vitality. For now, they’re popular. Richard Fairbanks of Minneapolis says he plays the saxophone in the skyway over Fourth Avenue connected to the Hennepin County Government Center every Friday during the colder months and spends the rest of the time playing on the Stone Arch Bridge. “I like this spot because I like to play for couples who get married by a justice of the peace,” said Fairbanks. “It’s very touching to me.”

I know what you're thinking: "But I like skyways." Enough on those few, really cold days to give up having a safe, vibrant, healthy city 365 days a year?

France's election reveals the political divide of our times

Ballots were counted by volunteers for the first-round presidential election at a polling station in Paris on Sunday, April 23, 2017. French voters cast ballots in a tense first-round poll that was seen as a test for the spread of populism around the world. Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron advanced. The second round of voting will be held on May 7.

Not over the size of the state, but over its identity: open vs. closed, integrationist vs. isolationist, future vs. past.

Turkey's Erdogan

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Rash Report: A march for science — and society
John Rash

The United States could use a new "Sputnik moment" that rallies around scientists and other learned experts.

Minnesota Department of Revenue faces budget cuts. Wise?
Lori Sturdevant

This is, after all, the department that brings in the funds for Minnesota.

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron arrived for a ceremony Monday marking the 102nd anniversary of the slaying of Armenians by Ottoman Turks.

Macron gives France a sensible alternative

Edina is on a smart track to raise smoking age to 21
Don't play legislative games with state bonding bill
With focus on journalism, Hubbards have been major U supporters

Do female cops make all the difference?

Teachers and staff of color matter big-time
Support those officials charged with enforcing immigration laws
Combating crime: Most hopeful reforms bloom at grass roots

Citizens held signs backing a Lake Calhoun name change at a Minneapolis Park Board committee meeting last week. The next step will in the renaming effort will be a May 3 vote by the full Park Board.

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Support those officials charged with enforcing immigration laws

If critics want the policy changes, they should talk to members of Congress.

Workplace rules: In this era, jobs and businesses are regional

Pay and other labor standards must be, too — not a hodgepodge of municipal measures. Gov. Dayton, we need you to do right thing.

Macron gives France a sensible alternative

Le Pen threatens a unified Europe while offering extremist approach.

Readers Write (April 25): Renaming Lake Calhoun, Edina and the smoking age, the March for Science, diet soda, Trump's start

Renaming Lake Calhoun is a poor substitute for justice.

In Arkansas, is this capital punishment's last gasp?

That state's ongoing flurry of executions is the exception, not the rule. As a deterrent, it simply doesn't work. Ditto the costs.

Sending your kid to college: Why, you ask, should you pay for liberal arts?

Because they provide the tools necessary to prepare for life.

Trump administration's secrecy with visitor logs smacks of arrogance

Policy is drawing bipartisan criticism and more questions than answers.