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Tice writes a weekly column and is a regular contributor to the Playing Politics podcast. He has been a writer, editor and publisher in Twin Cities journalism for nearly four decades. Tice was previously an editor at Corporate Report Minnesota and Twin Cities magazines, editor and publisher at the Twin Cities Reader, and an editorial writer and columnist for the St. Paul Pioneer Press. From 2003-2009, he was the Star Tribune's state political editor, directing coverage of the Legislature, state government, the Minnesota congressional delegation, and elections. He is the author of two books of popular history. His collection of ordinary Minnesotans' memories, Minnesota's Twentieth Century, published by the University of Minnesota Press, was awarded the Minnesota Book Award for history in 2000.

Why good news/bad news isn't good enough on crime (or inflation)

The public is similarly underwhelmed by progress on both topics.

D.J. Tice: The Electoral College — democracy's best defense?

Trump-like attempts to overturn elections are harder under America's much-maligned system, new study says.

America's dubious debt wish

There are consequences to believing our creditworthiness will survive deepening debt.

Common ground scarce in divided states of America

We've been here before, but there's plenty of work to be done.

National Popular Vote would be popular folly

Small wonder Minnesota is about to sign up, despite its likely reducing state voters' clout.

Presidential rematches have been good, bad and ugly

Considering the history, Biden vs. Trump in 2024 might mark a new low.

One Minnesota, 17 cultures: the many 'gaps' of a changing state

There seems to be more to our economic differences than race.

The pursuit of unhappiness (and its remedies)

Perhaps there's nothing new under the sun, even — or especially — in America.

Does Minnesota 'get' crime?

Recent events have me leaning toward "no."

D.J. Tice: Something isn't right — just ask the kids

National and state surveys did exactly that and many answers are unsettling.