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Lamentable Brexit poses global challenge

In the wake of the Brexit vote, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced Friday that he planned to step down by October, saying the country deserved a leader committed to carrying out the will of the people.

Globalism's challenges are best met by reforming, not rejecting, alliances.

Sack cartoon: Donald Trump's campaign

European Union

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Lori Sturdevant
Minnesota GOP needn't bow to Trump 'unity'

Guidance for races down the ballot can be found in tactics used in 1964's campaign.

John Rash
Rash Report: 'Brexit' both inward and international in scope

Officially, membership in the European Union was on the ballot, but British identity was seemingly at issue, too.

Sack cartoon: European Union

SCOTUS nondecision wrongly leaves millions in limbo

About 4 million to 5 million immigrants remain stranded and vulnerable.

PolitiFact: Did Google adjust its algorithm to hide Hillary Clinton's problems? Mostly false.

There are some queries the search engine won't autocomplete, but not just for her.

Minnesota GOP needn't bow to Trump 'unity'

Guidance for races down the ballot can be found in tactics used in 1964's campaign.

Counterpoint: I wouldn't fault Daudt. I'd fault Dayton.

From my vantage point as a former House speaker, the governor has been the one holding up results for Minnesotans in this legislative session and its aftermath.

U.S. bears some responsibility for Brexit

Contributing factors: Iraq war, housing boom, social media.

Readers Write (June 26): Gun enthusiasm, Minnesota Legislature, Garrison Keillor's retirement

Gun enthusiasm: Many of us can't reconcile just-for-fun.

Here's a way to save the legislative session

State officials should want to keep control of employment rules.

Mental health and civil liberties: Unwell and untouchable

Some who suffer refuse to acknowledge (or may not even realize) their peril – and, for legal reasons, they don't receive the help even their families see that they need.

Questions about Baltimore cops linger after Freddie Gray decision

There's hope Justice Department inquiry will lead to constructive changes.

Readers Write (June 25): Donald Trump and Steve Sack, Brexit, gun violence, immigration and more

Editorial cartoonist Steve Sack nails it on Donald Trump.

Why the U.S. Supreme Court is this year's most important issue

Beware the unpredictable ripple effect of this week's major rulings.

Pain relief: Medical cannabis as an alternative to deadly opioids

Opioid deaths are down 25 percent in states where medical marijuana is legal. On July 1, it will be legally available to many more Minnesotans, if doctors and patients are willing to pursue it.