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Trump ups the ante with voting conspiracy theory

Candidate's baseless accusations of a "rigged election" are harmful.

Melania Trump

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First, let's protect the rule of law
D.J. Tice

Among the signs of the American collapse, this is one flashing in neon.

U.S. Rep. Tim Walz, a possible candidate for governor? It's a good fit …
Lori Sturdevant

The congressman is well-suited to tackle the urban-rural divide.

N.Y.-to-D.C. shuttle fiasco sheds light on what a Trump presidency may be

He was not interested in facts or analysis. He was desperate for the deal. And he overpaid.

Elections are not about candidates or political parties, they're about voters

If it all seems wearying or "rigged," remember this.

Readers Write (Oct. 19): Sonia Sotomayor's speech at Northrop, sentences in distracted driving and beer mug cases, the 2016 campaign

Coverage of the Supreme Court justice's speech misrepresented her tone.

New lending fund can help preserve affordable housing stock

Too many low- and moderate-income people are priced out of the Twin Cities.

Readers Write (Oct. 21): Clinton and Trump and controversy; cancer awareness

Clinton finds trouble; Trump will find solutions.

Debates leave voters much to ponder

Trump is not reflecting the dignity, or respect for the presidency, of past candidates who have had real claims to being swindled.

Readers Write (Oct. 20): Nicollet Mall reconstruction, crime and sentencing, Edina police incident, lawn signs, Bob Dylan's prize, cats vs. the media

Nicollet Mall's bus-heavy vision is all messed up.

Canadians can't fathom the length of our political campaigns

Consider the Eighth Congressional District race with that in the adjacent jurisdiction across the border.

Mike Hatch: Six actions Minnesota can take now to combat health-insurance costs

These premium increases are not acceptable.

Boko Haram isn't done spreading death and destruction

Nigeria will need help eradicating the extremist Islamist group.

Time is running out: Call a special legislative session on health insurance hikes

Those getting priced out of the market don't need to hear about the politics.

We can put civility back in discussion

Don't wait for everyone else. Be the first.

After "rigged election" Clinton will be pushed to clean up a "rigged economy."

The left (with help from the GOP) will make life difficult for President Hillary Clinton.