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End labor trafficking and exploitation

This April 25, 2016, photo shows two foreign fishermen who had worked aboard an American vessel and are being granted U.S. visas as a victims of human trafficking. Early one morning when their captain was gone, they broke into their skipper’s quarters, grabbed their passports and made a run for it while docked at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. “I knew if I stayed on that boat I was going to die,” said one of them.

The Advocates for Human Rights report highlights human rights issue.

Sack cartoon: Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo

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St. Cloud's cohesive spirit shines through
Lori Sturdevant

In the week after a man stabbed 10 people at a mall, this city's remarkable calm reflected years of community bridge-building.

What is deserved for a sex offender?
D.J. Tice

The Heinrich confession and a case with an offender less vile raise the question anew.

Defending 'basement-dwelling' U.S. fans and winning the Ryder Cup

That's the best way to silence P.J. Willett, short of a loud "Baba Booey."

Readers Write (Sept. 30): Politics and transportation, suing Saudi Arabia, what Trump should have said

Anoka County commuters have it worst.

Counterpoint: If solar and wind are competitive, why all the aid?

The $100 billion in subsidies they receive now will still be needed for another 24 years.

In Second District race, a real difference in how to battle terror

In Minnesota's Second District race, Republican Jason Lewis and Democrat Angie Craig are polar opposites in dealing with the issue.

Effort to tie local Republicans to Trump backfiring

Democratic strategists have found that tarring down-ticket Republicans with the scarlet T may hurt Clinton.

This year, newspaper endorsements may still matter

Papers that haven't backed a Democrat in generations are turning against Trump. Good on them.

On U.S. crime rates, voter perception matters

Is Trump right that murders, rapes and aggravated assaults are rising? Maybe. The 2016 numbers, though, will bear watching.

Why I fight for gun safety – for my Aunt Shelley

This election season, know where your elected officials stand on strengthening our laws.

Readers Write (Sept. 29): Restaurant etiquette, gun violence, presidential debate, media bias, Wells Fargo

As a hostess, I have to deal with the "hangry."

Don't let Minnesota lawmakers politicize road projects

The earmarking attempt by the 2016 Legislature should be dropped in 2017.

The heartbreaking cycle of violence, then silence

A mother in Washington, D.C., has lost four sons to gun violence. Not one of the cases has been solved.

Shimon Peres dreamed of Israel at peace

Although he accomplished much, his ultimate goal remained unfulfilled.

Steve Sack cartoon: Radical Islam