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New education spending this session should focus on preschool, higher ed

Legislators must find a compromise.

Sack cartoon: Zika virus

Rash Report: Progress is possible on press freedom and journalist safety

John Rash

World Press Freedom Day, arrest in Daniel Pearl case and push for U.N. action amid a bleak era.

In Minnesota's Third Congressional District, things have changed

Lori Sturdevant

Enough for a legislator to try again for Congress, even against an incumbent.

Readers Write (April 30): Labor policies, coverage of Prince's death, transgender accommodations, problems and opportunities in housing

There's no reason not to have a minimum standard on paid sick leave.

Counterpoint: The downside of cage-free eggs

Many farmers know the "humane economy" results in more chicken deaths, lower quality.

Trump's foreign relations philosophy sounds like scene from 'The Apprentice'

If his many demands aren't met, he'll simply walk away.

Obama's economic legacy: Crisis overcome; malaise worse than ever

He doesn't get the credit he deserves — mainly because Americans still have deep-seated reasons for discontent.

'American Roulette': The role of gun laws in domestic violence

Background checks would not save all victims, but they're needed.

We need to reform sentencing, yes, and then 'second prison'

Once people have paid their debt, they deserve a new chance.

Counterpoint: For paid sick leave, one-size-fits-all approach is just wrongheaded

The stakes for the Minneapolis economy are too high for the city to make this a mandate.

On the economy, Trump makes sense

He's talking stimulation for a frail recovery, with coordinated fiscal and monetary policies. What's Hillary got?

Sack cartoon: 'Lucifer in the flesh'

Minnesota policymakers, here's the right way to help Somali-Americans

Hint: Stop stigmatizing these marginalized residents as terrorists.

The etiquette of mourning celebrities in the social-media age

Are all of these displays of collective grieving really necessary?

Editorial counterpoint: The Met Council needs a lot more than tweaks

The unelected body is a barrier to a transportation solution.

When eye rolling speaks more loudly than words

Sometimes your facial expression is a dead giveaway. Ask New Jersey's Mary Pat Christie.

Sack cartoon: Ted Cruz-Carly Fiorina

Readers Write (April 29): Shakespeare and today's politics, Metropolitan Council, transgender accommodations, 'fools and fast cars,' Minneapolis roads and parks and taxes, music education

Shakespeare and today's politics: From the bard, better options than that.