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Mississippi River requires agriculture's help to stay healthy

Canoes paddled past the audience during the during a rehearsal for the Mississippi River Boat Ballet on the Mississippi River in Minneapolis this past July.

Minnesota should combine stronger regulations, market-based policies.

Sack cartoon: North Korea

North Korea

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What is deserved for a sex offender?
D.J. Tice

The Heinrich confession and a case with an offender less vile raise the question anew.

Divining the vote, by congressional district, by educational degree
Lori Sturdevant

More than ever, schooling has predictive power in the election. The impact here:

Rest of the nation will follow Minnesota's lead on triclosan

"Big Soap" given a year to get potentially toxic additive out of products.

There's more than trade to lose by rejecting Trans-Pacific Partnership

U.S. credibility — not to mention economic leadership in Asia — would take a devastating hit.

Education-based high school athletics are an extension of the classroom

A football game between two schools with no previous connection provided good lessons.

Here's why I'm not TOO worried about a Trump victory

Each time Trump edges closer, Clinton's lukewarm supporters feel the heat.

Readers Write (Sept. 24): Police-involved shootings, CNN, President Obama, distracted driving, Friday night lights, taking a knee

Put our technological know-how to work on a solution.

Bullying executives won't result in lower prescription drug costs

Congress needs to allow Medicare to negotiate prices, among other steps.

How news coverage has tarnished Clinton

By making much ado over her e-mails, the media has buried her qualifications and policies.

Editorial counterpoint: Absenteeism issue missed a big point – the kids

For all the barriers to learning and efforts at school reform, what happened to showing up?

Readers Write (Sept. 23): National anthem, write-in candidates, prescription drug prices, cellphones, good guys with guns

With high schoolers joining in, a teachable moment.

As Syria roils, world leaders must keep pressure on Russia

Humanitarian convoy attack shows how "bar of depravity sinks lower."

Friday night lights: It's who we are, who we want to be

Similarities trump differences under the lights in town after town.

Reckless Edward Snowden deserves no presidential pardon

His leaks had some value for Americans — but they were worth much, much more to our enemies.

Feel-good solutions won't solve climate change

Subsidizing solar and wind programs may be politically popular and oh-so fashionable, but investment in green research will pay bigger dividends in human lives.