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Gail Rosenblum writes two to three columns a week on people, social issues, trends, and the complexities of human relationships.

Rosenblum: You're smart to hang on to your old car

Vindication has come, at long last, and from a surprising source.

This philanderer gets too much love from in-laws

The problem: My parents think my husband is a saint. Truth is, he had an affair.

Rosenblum: Want to be happier? Stop chasing after more possessions

It's long past time that we give up the deeply embedded belief that having more — time, stuff, awards, money — will lead to better results.

Rosenblum: There's a big battle to save author Brenda Ueland's little house in Linden Hills

A 117-year-old Minneapolis farmhouse is ripe for teardown, but preservationists think it's worth saving.

Hate being stuck in the middle seat on an airplane? Here's how to cope

The more I fly, the more I realize that I may never again have the window or aisle seat.

Twin Cities therapist helps folks 'heal through grief' in 'Conversations With Kelly'

While tears are shed, there's also plenty of laughter. "This is about living."

Is your roommate stealing your food? There's a cold, hard way to stop theft

Growing pains are to be expected with college students, of course, but food theft by roommates?

These 'advocates' aim to help women return to workforce

Après offers women career coaching, how-to and motivational articles and educational courses.

Rosenblum: North Market serves up community goodness in Minneapolis

Residents are excited about upcoming full-service grocery store in what was a "food desert."

Rosenblum: Mariah Carey's moment leads to a resolution of being a good loser

Tips on how to deal gracefully with an embarrassing disappointment.