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Gail Rosenblum covers trends, social issues and the complexities of human relationships. Author of "A Hundred Lives Since Then: Essays on Motherhood, Marriage, Mortality and More."

Rosenblum: Minnesota takes the lead in pushing end-of-life conversations

Live in Minnesota? Get ready to talk about dying in Minnesota.

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That's really up to you, says our expert, Cari Pelava, who answered a few embarrassing questions we posed so you wouldn't have to.

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Did you or your child not get into a preferred school? Some tips on making the best of it.

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But nostalgia for "Leave It to Beaver" is unlikely to portend a return to the past.

Rosenblum: Traveling Minnesota art exhibit aims to 'break the stigma' of suicide

"I want people to see the person and not the illness," says show producer.

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Vindication has come, at long last, and from a surprising source.

This philanderer gets too much love from in-laws

The problem: My parents think my husband is a saint. Truth is, he had an affair.

Rosenblum: Want to be happier? Stop chasing after more possessions

It's long past time that we give up the deeply embedded belief that having more — time, stuff, awards, money — will lead to better results.

Rosenblum: There's a big battle to save author Brenda Ueland's little house in Linden Hills

A 117-year-old Minneapolis farmhouse is ripe for teardown, but preservationists think it's worth saving.

Hate being stuck in the middle seat on an airplane? Here's how to cope

The more I fly, the more I realize that I may never again have the window or aisle seat.