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Gail Rosenblum covers trends, social issues and the complexities of human relationships. Author of "A Hundred Lives Since Then: Essays on Motherhood, Marriage, Mortality and More."

Minnesota divorce lawyers: Alimony changes would shortchange families

House Republicans pushing a tax overhaul have managed to do something that's extremely difficult to pull off.They've found a way to make the searing pain…

Baby boomers are becoming 'baby boozers' as reliance on alcohol and drugs rises

The trend is alarming doctors, substance abuse specialists, family members and some boomers themselves.

Expect thank-you notes from businesses eager to keep you

Quaint? Absolutely. A powerful modern marketing tool? Oh, yes.

Go to the office party, but behave when you do. Here's how.

It’s office party time! If reading that string of words causes dread, you’re in good company. Office festivities, while well-intentioned, are fraught for most people.…

Down in front! Uber-fan won't stand for being told to sit

Others want to see the game, but this guy doesn't care.

Let's learn to love leftovers and fight food waste

While we Americans are rock stars with post-Thanksgiving turkey, we refuse to tap our culinary creativity any other time of the year.

All of us need to speak out against sexual harassment

Janene laughed. Hers was a high-pitched and rapid-fire giggle. She made me laugh, too.So when she told me, through hysterical tears, what had happened to…

Rosenblum: Sexually active teens don't need threats

Pushback was swift and loud when a school district learned in October that folks must report sexually active teens to law enforcement.

A good divorce is possible, says psychologist

Nearly 25 years ago, Constance Ahrons put two words together that rocked legions of couples: “Good” and “divorce.” After the San Diego-based psychologist wrote “The…

How to teach your kids to be 'little ambassadors' of kindness

Want to raise kind kids? Then model kind behavior.