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Gail Rosenblum covers trends, social issues and the complexities of human relationships. Author of "A Hundred Lives Since Then: Essays on Motherhood, Marriage, Mortality and More."

One-day social media campaign highlights domestic abuse in the Twin Cities

Domestic abuse shelter asks people to post personal experiences.

Why don't we talk about what to do with Mom's remains?

Many families — due to grief or exhaustion or simple confusion about what's legal — don't discuss the long-term ramifications of a loved one's cremated remains.

Rosenblum: Hopkins woman creates moving memorial for World War II vets

Like so many of us, Jean O’Keefe avidly reads the obituaries. But she does more than just read. She guards memories. Since 2010, O’Keefe has…

Weird hotel habits, from the housekeepers who've seen it all

Cleaning up after other people means seeing some pretty weird things. A group of housekeepers gathered their collective advice on what we should and shouldn’t…

Rosenblum: How to combat 'high levels of stress and unhappiness' at work

Worker bees are struggling to preserve work-life balance and, increasingly, their mental health.

Gail Rosenblum: Big boys don't cry, but maybe they should

Mark Greene has to dig deep to recall the memory. Nearly 50 years deep, and not even a real event. Greene’s singular recollection of a…

Rosenblum: Death of hockey musical composer calls for renewed vigilance in AIDS fight

Michael Friedman died Sept. 9, just days before "The Abominables" opened at Minneapolis' Children's Theatre Company.

Rosenblum: Minnesota inmates crochet way to redemption in Project Teddy Bear

A restorative justice project has brought together University of Minnesota students and Sandstone prisoners to help sick kids.

Men gather in Minneapolis to 'take back our humanity'

A provocative discussion of what it means to be a healthy and respectful man begins Thursday when the Twin Cities plays host to the 2017 national conference of a violence prevention organization.

How a principal's 'extreme' experiment got kids to turn off their phones

Diana Smith challenged her eighth- and ninth-grade students to put down their tech devices for the 11 Tuesdays of summer.