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Gail Rosenblum covers trends, social issues and the complexities of human relationships. Author of "A Hundred Lives Since Then: Essays on Motherhood, Marriage, Mortality and More."

Rosenblum: Death of hockey musical composer calls for renewed vigilance in AIDS fight

Michael Friedman died Sept. 9, just days before "The Abominables" opened at Minneapolis' Children's Theatre Company.

Rosenblum: Minnesota inmates crochet way to redemption in Project Teddy Bear

A restorative justice project has brought together University of Minnesota students and Sandstone prisoners to help sick kids.

Men gather in Minneapolis to 'take back our humanity'

A provocative discussion of what it means to be a healthy and respectful man begins Thursday when the Twin Cities plays host to the 2017 national conference of a violence prevention organization.

How a principal's 'extreme' experiment got kids to turn off their phones

Diana Smith challenged her eighth- and ninth-grade students to put down their tech devices for the 11 Tuesdays of summer.

Minneapolis artist sketches her way through family medical crisis

From December 2016 to May 2017, Anita White documented her family's sometimes harrowing medical experiences, and the quiet heroes who pulled them through, by creating dozens of pen and watercolor sketches.

Rosenblum: New research supports shared custody for children in divorce

What two factors vastly increase the likelihood of a healthy and happy future for kids after divorce? Mom — and Dad. With the important exception…

Rosenblum: Minnesotans who 'age out' of foster care can still find help with life skills

The warmhearted executive director of Minneapolis nonprofit C2i sees young adults with infinite potential.

Rosenblum: In Duluth, an affirming face-to-face dialogue

Topics at a Star Tribune "Dateline Minnesota" event touched on mining and water quality, diversity and job creation, as well as politics.

Rosenblum: Hitchhikers follow adventure and belief in human kindness

When was the last time you saw a hitchhiker in the United States? What might push us out of our cars again, to hitch a ride?

Rosenblum: Minnesota study gives hope for children with sexual behavior problems

"There doesn't need to be all this stigma," says project lead. "It gets in the way of us responding."