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• Barcelona's bid for an undefeated season ended last weekend, with a wild 5-4 loss against Levante. The loss means that there still hasn't been an undefeated Spanish team since the 1930s — back when there were 10 teams in the league, not 20.

• After 17 years, goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon announced that he would leave Juventus — although perhaps not to retire. Buffon has been a fixture in goal for the Italian national team and for Juventus for longer than most American soccer fans have been soccer fans. Seeing him leave is like seeing the end of an ice age.

• More than 45,000 fans watched the Women's FA Cup Final between Arsenal and Chelsea, and 51,211 showed up in Monterrey for the Women's Liga MX finale this year. Those are the two biggest crowds ever for women's club soccer matches not part of a doubleheader — and the USA should be a little worried about its primacy in the world of women's soccer, given that neither crowd was American.