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With winter storm and blizzard warnings in effect across much of Minnesota, authorities have advised people to stay home. For those who must travel — or who want to ensure their home remains safe through the storm — here are some tips:

Driving? Travelers can get the latest forecast, road conditions and closures by checking the Minnesota Department of Transportation's website. Motorists should pack a winter survival kit with a blanket, warm clothes, gloves, flashlight, nonperishable snacks and water. AAA says to check fluid levels, tire pressure and battery strength before travel. If in a crash or stranded, stay in the car, run the engine only periodically and be sure the exhaust pipe is snow-free.

Flying? Air travelers should expect delays and cancellations at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Flight information is on the airport's website:

Taking transit? Transit riders can check the status of their bus or train at or on the websites for SouthWest Transit, Maple Grove Transit, Minnesota Valley Transit Authority and Plymouth Metrolink.

Staying in? Keep space heaters and candles 3 feet from curtains and anything else flammable. Never leave space heaters unattended or plugged into a power strip or extension cord. Do not use ovens, stoves or propane heaters for supplemental warmth. Keep your phone charged and batteries on hand in case the power goes out. Clear paths leading to doors and windows of snow and ice for easy access and as an escape route.