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Billionaire Kathy Cargill, through her North Shore LS LLC, has been regularly purchasing homes on Duluth's treasured Park Point. The seven-mile spit of land that stretches across the mouth of the St. Louis River and faces Lake Superior is known for its sandy beaches, dunes and hiking trails.

Cargill, who has a residence in North Oaks, Minn., has torn down, or intends to tear down, all but her first purchase, a $2.5 million home that is under renovation.

Cargill has remained quiet on her interest in the area, raising concern about her intent and the impact it will have on property taxes as well as the sandbar, which has long struggled with erosion.

Here's a timeline of the growing controversy.


North Shore LS LLC first home purchase on Park Point at 4202 Minnesota Ave. S. for $2.5 million, the most expensive listing in Duluth at the time. The mansion is still standing and under renovation.


December: Second home purchased at 1301 Lake Ave. S.


February: Third and fourth purchases at 1302 Minnesota Ave. and 1314 Minnesota Ave.

June: Fifth and sixth purchases, at 2931 S. Lake Ave. and 2935 S. Lake Ave.

Rest of the year: One home bought in each of July, September, November and December.

December: Cargill tells Duluth News Tribune the homes are "pieces of crap"


January: Park Point Community Club holds meeting with county officials to talk about property taxes, as Cargill buys her 11th home.

February: Two more homes purchased, at 1439 Minnesota Ave. and 1521 Minnesota Ave.

March: Mayor Roger Reinert voices his growing concern, noting a letter requesting a meeting with Cargill has gone unanswered.