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'Chad Daniels: Mixed Reviews'

Chad Daniels, one of the few national headliners who still calls Minnesota home, taped his latest special in Madison, Wis., almost a year ago. That makes some of the jokes about COVID-19 testing and wearing masks feel dated. But the heart of the performance — ridiculing political extremists on both the left and right — resonates more than ever. Daniels, who also co-hosts the podcast "Middle of Somewhere" with former Minnesotan Cy Amundson, recently announced that he'll tape a new special at St. Paul's Fitzgerald Theater early next year. Let's hope it doesn't sit on the shelf as long as this one did. YouTube


This throwback series, in which a special-forces team hunts for a nuclear bomb in Las Vegas, is about as close to soft-core porn as streaming services get. The cast, who look like they just stepped off "Love Island," finds all kinds of excuses to display full-frontal nudity, visit strip joints and engage in oil wrestling. The action scenes are solid, but the main audience seems to be viewers who swear that "Porky's" is a classic comedy. Netflix


Chuck Lorre's new comedy is a great vehicle for stand-up sensation Sebastian Maniscalco. He's terrific as a Los Angeles bookie whose business is being threatened by legalized sports betting. But his performance is overshadowed in the premiere by a meaty cameo from Charlie Sheen, fired from "Two and a Half Men" after a famous falling out with Lorre. (The two hadn't talked in over a decade.) There are other surprise appearances in the first episode, but the sitcom's future depends largely on viewers falling for a whole new bad boy. Max

'Great Photo, Lovely Life'

Renowned photojournalist Amanda Mustard is used to telling other people's stories. But she delves into her own family history in this intimate documentary in which she confronts her grandfather about his long history of abusing children. Listening to him try to justify his actions will haunt you more than any interview with a serial killer. 9 p.m. Tuesday, HBO

'The Naughty Nine'

The kids in this caper comedy are way too old to still believe in Santa Claus but that doesn't stop them from engaging in an "Oceans 11"-like plan to rob the North Pole workshop. The tension is high, even if the greatest punishment they face is being grounded for life. Disney+