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Mother Nature must be a Twins fan. At least this year. I expect generous sunshine, less wind than Wednesday and highs close to 50, which is right where we should be on April 4 in the Twin Cities.

We've seen worse. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reports the coldest home opener was April 14, 1962, with a nippy "high" of 34 at Met Stadium in Bloomington. Hottest opener? April 22, 1980, with a sizzling high of 90.

If you're lucky enough to have tickets, smear on sunscreen. The sun will be as high in the sky Thursday as it was on Sept. 7. Yes, you can wear a jacket and still get a sunburn. Temperature doesn't matter — sun angle does.

A fine Friday is shaping up, and Saturday will be the nicer day of the weekend for outdoor plans, with upper 50s and a stiff breeze. A smear of rain overtakes the state Sunday, and showers spill over into at least Monday. It may be my imagination, but we do seem to be sliding into a wetter pattern?

Are we done with snow? Probably. Maybe not. Leaving the driveway stakes in this time.