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Probably the most buzzed-about new Twin Cities rock band since the COVID-19 pandemic, Durry has started building the hype for its long-awaited debut album by reupping the song that blew up on them in the first place.

The sibling duo has dropped a remade version of the slacker anthem "Who's Laughing Now" along with a very laughable new music video. The song's re-release was accompanied with the news that the band's first full-length LP, "Suburban Legend," is now available for preorder and will land on Sept. 8, accompanied by tour and hometown release party plans.

In the "Wayne's World"-worthy video, Austin and Taryn Durry — who famously started their band in 2020 after moving back in with Mom and Dad in Burnsville during quarantine — are seen getting their act together from a hapless garage band to a fully functioning, fast and furious four-piece. Jesus and plasma factor into their success.

Originally released via TikTok as an unfinished demo, "Who's Laughing Now" caught fire in a matter of days in 2021 before the band had a chance to finish it in the studio. It then became a No. 1 "Chart Show" hit on hometown station the Current, which also put two other Durry singles in steady rotation, including "Losers Club" and "Trauma Queen."

All those songs and nine more will be featured on "Suburban Legend," which the band is self-releasing via its own label in partnership with Nashville distribution company Thirty Tigers (how fellow Minnesotans such as Trampled by Turtles, Haley and the Jayhawks have released albums). The new LP was entirely self-produced by Austin Durry, too, and that has worked pretty well for his band so far.

Regarding the success off of "Who's Laughing Now," Austin said in a news release for the new record:

"[The song] went viral before it was even finished being written. What started as a cynical outlook on life was flipped on its head overnight, as it rocketed to popularity. The next morning I left for the studio to try and capture this once in a lifetime viral moment. I realized the song I had written was wrong, and there was still hope left in the world. On the drive to the studio I rewrote it, inspired by the success and excitement of the public. This song is literally written about the success of its own demo."