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According to Jim

Jim Jefferies has been gently pushing the envelope for more than a decade, but he's finally getting the attention he deserves, thanks in large part to his Comedy Central series, in which he plays a slightly more caustic Jon Stewart. For "Jim Jefferies: This Is Me Now," the Aussie gets out from behind the desk for a traditional stand-up special riffing on everything from grabby celebrities to political hypocrisy.

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It ain't me, babe

Bob Dylan's acting career may have peaked when he read the labels off canned goods in "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid," but he's a hypnotizing star in 1967's "Don't Look Back," the superb documentary that chronicles his 1965 tour of England. Dylan toys with reporters — and the audience — but his deceptions are more telling than any straight talk.

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Devil in disguise

It's not clear what Sacha Baron Cohen has planned for his new series "Who Is America?" but leaks suggest that it will be similar to his groundbreaking "Da Ali G Show," which specialized in ruffling the feathers of unsuspecting newsmakers. Sarah Palin has admitted that she was among the big names duped by the Artist Formerly Known As Borat.

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