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I and my progressive friends and allies have been constantly complaining about the lack of effort and courage of Republican leaders and politicians in confronting Donald Trump and his candidacy for president. Well, now is time for us to confront Joe Biden and his candidacy for president. Biden has done a very admirable and mostly an excellent job the past three years. What is obvious to me and a majority of people in the U.S. is that it's time for him to retire. What a wonderful event it would be if Biden would hold a news conference tomorrow and announce that he has done his duty and it is time for him to step aside. He would be lauded near and far.

How sad it is that Biden, like many gifted athletes, cannot accept that it is time to say goodbye.

Stanley Hacker, Minneapolis


I would like to remind everyone who may be conveniently choosing to forget the constant stress and chaos of a Trump presidency that there's an old saying about not letting the hunt for perfect get in the way of the very good that's in front of you.

Is Biden perfect? Not even close. Some of his policies have been concerning and his mental gaffes have bordered on outright alarming. Is his age both now and four years from now concerning? Of course. Is it a shame we don't have other viable options for the role of leader of the free world? Certainly.

But with respect to my congressman, Dean Phillips, Biden vs. Trump is the matchup we'll have, whether or not any of us really want it. One of those men will be elected for a second term in November, and for me the choice is easy.

Do I go for the really old guy who has a multitude of imperfect policies and obvious mental and emotional problems who has demonstrated he is dangerously incapable of holding the job he's already spent four years doing?

Not a chance. I'll hold my nose and vote for Biden.

Adam Skoglund, Eden Prairie


In the wake of special counsel Robert Hur's unflattering descriptions of Biden's mental acuity, we have been reassured by countless members of his administration and Democrats in Congress that they meet with the president frequently and that he is sharp as a tack. The public is not buying this. The only way to reassure the public is for the president to start having news conferences where he is unscripted and available for questions.

Bruce Reuss, Willmar, Minn.


I am not here to defend Biden's or Trump's cognitive abilities. They are both older than I am, and I forget things every day and cannot imagine having to speak in front of cameras daily about myriad topics. The biggest difference I see between the two probable presidential candidates lies in from whom and where the candidates get their advice and information. Biden has surrounded himself with such outstanding staff — educated, experienced and quality people who are supporting and informing the president everyday. And here's the kicker: He listens. Trump, on the other hand, really does not need a cabinet or staff. We all saw (and heard) him being the president, vice president and secretaries of defense, treasury, state, homeland security and education. He also acted as attorney general, and who can forget his role as chief medical adviser a few years ago? He is under the delusion that he can do anything better than anyone else. He listens to no one. His lack of respect for others' experience, knowledge and advice leaves him making decisions for our country based on only what Trump wants.

Instead of trying to catch every faux pas these two men have, let's focus on who they are listening to.

Liz Strom Knutson, Minneapolis


There is a very simple solution to the "Joe must go" chant: Release the transcripts of his interviews with Hur. Word for word, sentence by sentence. If Biden is being maligned and Hur's report is gratuitous, as the White House says, the transcripts will prove them right and Hur wrong.

Yet the president's own legal team does not seem so eager to have those transcripts released. Its members dodge the question and refer it to other sources. Apparently, it's above their pay grade. OK, Joe, how about it? Tell Hur to release the transcripts, tapes and all. Let us hear your cogent responses to his questions with your tone and demeanor. Then we can all apologize for having doubted your cognitive capacity and your rapier-like recall abilities.

Anything short of that tells us everything we need to know.

Robert Huge, Edina


Sure, let's focus on Biden's age and ignore the fact he rallied our European allies in the defense of their neighbor who was savagely invaded by Russia, as candidate Trump basically invites Russia to invade another ally. Sure, let's focus on Biden's age and ignore the fact that Trump thinks he's running against Barack Obama, that candidate Trump claims there was no insurrection while at the same time stating that the insurrection was caused by Nancy Pelosi (and that Nikki Haley was in charge of security on Jan. 6). Sure, let's focus on Biden's age and ignore the fact that he's gotten more done for the middle class of this country than any president in recent memory in terms of infrastructure (that week never came under Trump), economic recovery (the U.S. has the strongest economy in the Western world and no, Biden's policies did not cause the post-pandemic worldwide inflation), the climate, access to health care, and reduction of drug prices (Inflation Reduction Act).

Biden isn't perfect (he failed to enact stricter border policies), but I'll take his empathetic actions over candidate Trump's plans for dictatorial retribution and revenge if he's inaugurated once again. Let's not forget the worldwide collective sigh of relief when Trump was defeated in 2020. That sigh will be even greater when Trump is defeated, again, in November!

Ken Thielman, Woodbury


As Biden continues to show the effects of dementia by looking incoherent when reporters ask questions, stating that he spoke to leaders of Germany and France who both died years ago, getting lost on stage, and mumbling words nobody can understand, one has to wonder how much longer this can go on?

Furthermore, what is Jill Biden doing to persuade her husband to hang it up? The first lady must think more about herself and her title than what is best for Joe and the nation.

Corby Pelto, Minneapolis


The partisan criticism of Biden's age and mental abilities fail two important considerations.

First are his extraordinary accomplishments — in three years he has solved decades-old problems other presidents failed at. Could it be that his decades of selfless service to this country is an essential asset?

Do accomplishments count? His travels would overwhelm a person half his age. Look at his rebuilding of our critical alliances and world leadership. He restored our respect and cooperation worldwide.

Then there is the comparison with the alternative. There can be no doubt about Biden's easy win against Trump in knowledge, experience, capabilities, accessing information, memory, truthfulness, electing capable advisers, lack of selfishness, and commitment to this country and its future. (And there is no almost difference in their ages.)

Fred Everett, Le Sueur, Minn.


Simply amazing. Some Minnesota Republican representatives in the House want Biden to step down since on occasion he is forgetful. Not sure I disagree. But what makes that so interesting these same Republicans are endorsing an individual who's done the following: tried to overthrow an election. Helped bring his followers to attack the U.S. Capitol. Called for the execution of a former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. Suggested we do away with the U.S. Constitution. Charged with 91 felony counts in four jurisdictions. Found liable for sexual assault. There's more, but I think you get the picture. So please, Minnesota representatives, tell me how this man is qualified but a man with some memory loss isn't?

Phil Disch, Eden Prairie