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A brand-new media organization called Alpha News was launched today, but details about who is behind the startup is unclear.

In an interview this afternoon, Alpha News Chief Capitol reporter Julia Erynn said the focus of Alpha News will be to "cover news at the capitol, as well as going out into the districts to get opinions from various constituents on different issues."

Erynn said Alpha News will be receiving press credentials, which are issued by non-partisan staff of the Minnesota House of Representatives and Minnesota Senate.

Erynn referred to Alpha News as a "news organization" and said it will generate revenue from advertising, but added "a number of private donors" are also providing financial support.

The launch of Alpha News was first promoted today by the Minnesota Tea Party Alliance on Facebook. Many of the initial news stories from Alpha News cover issues which have been advocated by the Minnesota Tea Party Alliance.

While Erynn will report from the State Capitol, she said Alpha News also employs a writer, researcher, and additional staff to edit and record video. Erynn added the membership of the board of directors for Alpha News will eventually be publicly released.

In response to a request to interview any of the board members or staff with Alpha News, Erynn said many of the people "behind Alpha News would like to remain anonymous."

According to Alpha News' website, Erynn attended the University of Minnesota and served as Miss Minneapolis 2014. Erynn, a self-described Libertarian, also served as the Emcee of the 2014 Libertarian Party of Minnesota Convention. In a podcast last year for the Minnesota Tea Party Alliance, Erynn discussed the career advice she received from journalist Ben Swann and her interest in focusing on "journalism that calls out other journalists."

Public filings with the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State, show the address for Alpha News is a UPS Store in Minnetonka.

Alex Kharam, the Executive Director of the Freedom Club, is listed as the registered agent for Alpha News. A representative of the Freedom Club said today that Alpha News is not a project of the Freedom Club, nor is the group affiliated with Alpha News.

Kharam did not respond to a request for comment about Alpha News.

Picture source: Alpha News