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I voted for Donald Trump. I am not waving a banner about it, but I am not racist, misogynistic, sexist, homophobic or Islamophobic. I am not a monster who wants to throw your grandma out in the street or deny you access to birth control (as one of the snowflakes literally wept about during a TV interview I saw).

I voted for Donald Trump because I am one of the millions who are tired of the liberal elites — the politicians, academics, media people and self-absorbed celebrities constantly telling me that they know what is best for me and everyone else. Now they are practically hysterical in their shock at finding out that so many of us don't see the world through their smug eyes. How could we not see the world the way they do? What is wrong with us? Actually, nothing. We simply are tired of you.

I voted for Donald Trump not so much because I supported him. He absolutely would not have been my first choice. But I really do believe the Clintons, and the people around them enabling them, are corrupt and should be prosecuted. At the very least they should not be rewarded with the White House for their obvious dishonesty and their attitude that the rules, ethics, morality and the laws the rest of us are expected to live by simply do not apply to them.

I voted for Donald Trump because I do not really believe the narrative that 90 percent of the media hammered us with is that he's a racist, a sexist and all the other vile names liberals have for anyone who does not toe the line and accept their worldview. If he is such a sexist, why was a woman the one who rescued his campaign and made him president-elect? According to liberal dogma, Kellyanne Conway isn't really a woman because she does not march in lockstep with liberal feminism. You know that's true. And since it's true, who is the real sexist? Trump for hiring her and listening to her, or those who denigrate her? If he is such a racist, why is one of the most respected men in America, Dr. Ben Carson, one of his most staunch supporters?

I voted for Donald Trump because I believe America needs to be a country with borders that are real and not just lines on a map. I believe we should have an immigration system that is the same for everyone who wants to come here. I do not believe that only Latinos have the right to come here and should receive a special privilege. That is racist. And let's be honest: The only reason Democrats want to continue to allow Latinos preferential treatment is because they see Latinos as future Democratic voters. Period. If they voted for Republicans, the Democrats would have built that wall 30 years ago.

I voted for Donald Trump, but not for personal reasons. I personally would have been fine whether either Trump or Clinton had won. I am, however, one of the 70 percent who believe the country was headed in the wrong direction. I am concerned about the country we are leaving to my children and grandchildren. I do not want to make America another failed, western European-style semi-socialist, bankrupt, nanny-state. Europeans are starting to realize their folly and are trying to fix it. Good luck, you'll need it.

Finally, I voted for Donald Trump because I believe the world is safer and more prosperous for everyone with a strong America. The world needs the leadership of an America that is strong militarily, financially, economically and politically. After eight years of Barack Obama and liberal policies, we are none of those things. Can anyone honestly say the world is in better shape because of Obama's efforts to be loved? To be blunt, I don't much care if every third-world dictator, despot and would-be little Hitler doesn't like us. Our enemies need to respect and fear us, and our friends need to be able to count on us. That is far more important to peace and stability than whether others think our president is cool.

Will Donald Trump and the Republicans be able to "Make America Great Again"? Who knows? They are in charge, for now, and deserve the chance to try.

Dennis Carstens lives in Eagan.