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Two of Minnesota's more recognizable brands have a collaboration brewing.

Surly Brewing has partnered with First Avenue to create a special new beer: +1 Golden Ale, which will debut at the iconic venue later this month.

"For all of us, music is a very important part of everything we do at Surly," said Cory Just, the company's regional sales manager. "We've all been to First Ave shows and there's a history there ... so we made the magic happen."

That magic began, as it so often does, over beers.

The outcome? A light-bodied, low-ABV brew boasting enough complexity with subtle hops and mild bitterness to be worthy of a trendsetting music hall, and enough simplicity and drinkability to be enjoyed a few at a time while standing in a crowd. "Refreshing" is what Surly is going for — perhaps enough so that the cans might even get the folks on stage feeling the good vibes.

"We don't have proof that hoisting a +1 can will make the band come out for a second encore," Surly said in a release, "but there's no way it can hurt."

The can, by the way, will be draped in black and white with a gold star offering the single pop of color — an aesthetic made to mimic the exterior of the house that Prince built.

Drinkers can find the beer exclusively at First Avenue's properties (First Ave, 7th St. Entry, the Turf Club and the Palace Theatre) from March 22 to April 1. It will be available in stores after that.

"We sell a ton of Surly, so I think it's going to be pretty popular," said Nate Kranz, First Avenue's general manager. "It's been fun to watch it come together."