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As we continue on making and sharing a summer bucket list, next up is one of the best parks to visit this summer, no matter how old your kids may be.

Chutes and Ladders park, or as it's really called, Hyland Lake Reserve is part of Three Rivers Park District.

Hyland Lake Reserve's play area is incredible and will truly keep your kids busy for hours. With climbing and sliding structures that go as high as 50 feet, kids of all ages, yes even your older ones, will have plenty of fun.

In addition to the huge play area of chutes and ladders, there's a small play area with a sandbox for children ages five and under and also another play area that is completely accessible for children with disabilities.

Finally, on those really hot days, there's a small splash pad for kids to run through and cool off in.

The only thing I think they are missing is swings. While they do have two large tire swings there aren't any regular swings and there are no baby swings at all.

If you go:

-Bring water bottles and plenty of sunscreen, most of the park is in full sunlight and tables and benches under the shaded umbrellas are a hot commodity and hard to get.

-Plan on your kids getting wet or bring swim suits for the water area. It's not a huge splash pad but some kids really like the water and leave soaked.

-Make a plan with your kids ahead of time. It is a huge park and there are often times lots of kids there. Have them stick with a friend or sibling or have a set meeting place.

-There is a public bathroom on site that is clean and well maintained in addition to a concession stand that sells snacks and ice cream treats.

Hyland Lake Reserve 10145 Bush Lake Road, Bloomington, is open for the season from 9 a.m. to sunset. For directions and more information, visit their website.

Have you taken your kids to Chutes and Ladders? What's their favorite part?

And don't forget to email me your ideas for your summer bucket list, I am always up for new and exciting summer adventures with my kids-