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It only took three days for St. Paul Public Library to run out of its limited edition, laser-eyed loon library cards, but those who missed the initial release will get a second chance: The library will print a second and final run of the cards, expected to be released by the end of February.

"Well ... those went quick!" read a library Facebook post confirming the second batch of cards Thursday afternoon. There will also be more stickers that feature the laser-eye loon design, which can be used to cover non-loon library cards.

There were 500 laser loon cards and 500 library card-sized stickers in the first run of cards released on Tuesday, and a larger amount will be released in the second run, library spokeswoman Stacy Opitz said. The cards are free and come with a coupon for 15% off loon-themed merchandise sold at the Friends of the St. Paul Public Library shop.

Claire Huber, a communications specialist for St. Paul Public Library who designed the card, said in an email that the response to the cards has been "enthusiastic, to say the least."

"We knew this was going to be a popular offering but didn't quite anticipate the level of joy and pride it would elicit — people are excited to be a part of the city of St. Paul and the St. Paul Public Library system," Huber said.

Loon designs — ranging from several with laser eyes to one with a zoomed-in side profile — were among the most popular themes submitted by the public to be included on the new state flag. The final selection included no reference to a loon, although a loon is featured on the new state seal.

Following the release of the new cards, officials reported a noticeable spike in people signing up for the library.

"We've heard from staff at libraries across the city that they have been busy these past few days welcoming new people into their libraries and assisting with many new library card sign-ups," Huber said.