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Introduction: Host Michael Rand and "intern" John Volk from Northwestern check in from Target Center to talk about the Women's Final Four. What did they experience outside and inside the arena during the semifinals, and why UConn - the only non-No. 1 seed here - feels like the home team.

7:10: Paige Bueckers. Live and in person back home in Minnesota. Rand and Volk give their impressions of the former Hopkins standout who guided UConn over Stanford. Her offense, her vision, her awareness and unselfishness.

10:35: Did you see that halftime show of Game 2? Two words: dog gymnastics. Plus, a look-in of the Fan Fest at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

15:20: Let's spin forward to Sunday night. South Carolina and UConn for all the confetti in downtown Minneapolis. Dawn Staley vs. Geno Auriemma. Who ya got?

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