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Short takes

Instant replay seems to be here to stay in soccer, despite being almost universally loathed everywhere it has been tried. It's been so unpopular in Italy that this week fans sent packages of bullets to top officials from the Italian referees' association. Nevertheless, it'll be used at the World Cup this summer — and probably around the world soon — despite its many problems.

Next week's CONCACAF Champions League semifinals are pivotal for MLS. Toronto leads Club America 3-1, with the second leg in Mexico City, while New York trails Chivas 1-0 but plays the second leg at home. MLS' two best teams are poised to potentially guarantee the first-ever all-MLS final.

The United States' joint bid for the World Cup with Mexico and Canada continues to take hits. France's federation president told French newspaper L'Equipe that his country would vote for Morocco's quixotic bid, which — despite being very short on details — is receiving increasing support. The vote will be held on June 13.