Politics and government reporter | Higher Education

Ryan Faircloth covers Minnesota politics and government for the Star Tribune.

Faircloth previously covered higher education and breaking news, contributing to the Star Tribune's Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of the police killing of George Floyd. A 2018 graduate of the University of Minnesota, Faircloth started his career covering state politics for the St. Paul Pioneer Press and was named Minnesota's Young Journalist of the Year by the state Society of Professional Journalists for his reporting at the Capitol. In his spare time, he enjoys practicing boxing and mixed martial arts – sports he once competed in – and searching the Twin Cities for barbecue and tacos that are even half as good as those he had growing up in Houston.

Minnesota marijuana sales could be delayed or in short supply if planting doesn't start soon

Growers need time to get cannabis planted, harvested, tested and processed — preferably before retailers open.

Five things the Minnesota Legislature hopes to tackle before its session ends

Lawmakers are still debating whether to legalize sports betting and how to fine-tune the state's recreational marijuana law, among other things.

Hoax 'swatting' calls could become a felony in Minnesota

Hoax emergency calls are a gross misdemeanor, but legislators want to make the act a felony when it's directed at elected officials, judges, prosecuting attorneys, correctional facility employees and police officers.

Want to open a cannabis business in Minnesota? You might need some luck.

Minnesota could shift to a vetted lottery system for awarding cannabis business licenses. Not everyone's happy.

'Book Senator Hoffman to speak': DFL state senator's consulting firm raises ethical questions

Ethics experts question if DFL Sen. John Hoffman tried to promote his official position for personal gain. Hoffman said he's made no money from the business.

Minnesota to expunge misdemeanor marijuana records as early as May

The expungement of misdemeanor cannabis offenses is running ahead of schedule. Separately, the state's new Cannabis Expungement Board will soon begin reviewing felony cases.

Trump called Rep. Tom Emmer a 'RINO' and tanked his speaker bid. Now, they've made amends

Emmer will be the Minnesota state chair of Trump's 2024 presidential campaign.

Rep. Ilhan Omar, Don Samuels prepare for closely watched DFL primary rematch

Samuels hopes to pull off an upset after losing by about 2 percentage points in the 2022 primary; Omar says that contest was an "anomaly" and this one won't be as close.

Minnesota Legislature considers these 5 cannabis law changes

Social equity applicants could get business licenses first. Medical cannabis patients could grow more marijuana at home.

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura gets into the cannabis business, launching his own line of edibles

"Gov. Jesse 'The Body' Ventura, is in the cannabis game. I can't tell you how truly amazing this feels," Minnesota's former governor announced Wednesday.